Massachusetts City Considers Ban On Large Sodas At Restaurants

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has found an ally in his battle against sugary soft drinks, as the mayor of Cambridge, Mass., announced last night that she’s also considering a ban on large sodas served at the city’s restaurants.

“It seems like the way we have to go is look at the environment, look at the temptations that are out there for people,” Mayor Henrietta Davis, who mentioned the plan at last night’s city council meeting, explains to WBZ NewsRadio 1030. “See if that can be easier on all of us by not having bottomless pits of soda.”

The mayor did not go into any specifics on the ban, other than to say it would be similar to what’s been proposed in NYC, where any food establishment regulated by the city’s health department — restaurants, theaters, delis — would not be allowed to sell drinks larger than 16 oz. if they contain more than 25 calories per 8 oz.

“Banning smoking in the workplace, and banning smoking in playgrounds, all those kinds of things have been helpful to everyone,” said Mayor Davis.

Cambridge Considering Ban On Sale Of Large Soda At Restaurants [WBZ]

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