Personal Finance Roundup

“Do What You Love” Is Bad Advice [Free Money Finance] “The number of people who make a lot of money doing what they love is so insignificantly small that it’s an unrealistic and useless thing to model.”

10 overlooked retirement tips [Market Watch] “Here’s a look at 10 [retirement] tips that advisers say you shouldn’t overlook.”

Six Great Tech Tools for Planning Your Own Death [Wise Bread] “There are several apps and online tools that can help you plan ahead for the time when you will shuffle off this mortal coil.”

10 Tips for Leaving Your Job Gracefully [US News] “A bad exit can have long-range consequences and should always be avoided if possible.”

Fix your finances in a day [MSN Money] “It’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to money chores. Here’s a simple way to tackle what’s not getting done.”



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  1. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    Under “10 Tips for Leaving Your Job Gracefully” – Provide appropriate notice. While two-weeks notice seems to be the norm, consider your position before settling on an appropriate timeline.

    Why is it that workers are expected to give a 2 week notice, or more, yet management can decide to lay off, downsize, fire, etc. on a moment’s notice? This just happened where I work. One of my coworkers was sent a “go to meeting” request, and was told he was being laid off right then and there. Over the phone! Seems like a huge double standard, although I understand it as the current employment climate is heavily favored toward management.

  2. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    “Six Great Tech Tools for Planning Your Own Death”

    This is a very unfortunately-worded title to an article.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      Not only that, many of the tools are apps for iPad, iPhone, smartphone, etc. Not everyone is a tech-hungry Apple fanboy or can afford a smartphone. What about the rest of us?

  3. trencherman says:

    Regarding the idea of giving adequate notice, under “10 Tips for Leaving Your Job Gracefully”…

    I gave 5 months notice at my last job. When management asked where I was going, I told them the truth–that I didn’t have a job lined up. I just wanted to take a different direction, get my skills up, etc. I still didn’t have one lined up when my last day came around. Giving 5 months (or perhaps not having another job lined up) actually seemed to offend management more than if I’d just given 2 weeks notice….

    Anyway, I may go back to that job eventually, so I didn’t want to burn any bridges. We’ll see.