Personal Finance Roundup

“Do What You Love” Is Bad Advice [Free Money Finance] “The number of people who make a lot of money doing what they love is so insignificantly small that it’s an unrealistic and useless thing to model.”

10 overlooked retirement tips [Market Watch] “Here’s a look at 10 [retirement] tips that advisers say you shouldn’t overlook.”

Six Great Tech Tools for Planning Your Own Death [Wise Bread] “There are several apps and online tools that can help you plan ahead for the time when you will shuffle off this mortal coil.”

10 Tips for Leaving Your Job Gracefully [US News] “A bad exit can have long-range consequences and should always be avoided if possible.”

Fix your finances in a day [MSN Money] “It’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to money chores. Here’s a simple way to tackle what’s not getting done.”


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