Travelers Refuses To Believe Dad Is Dead, Sends Him Check For Mom’s Totaled Car

Charoo’s father is dead. Unfortunately, his name is still on the title of the car that he once owned, now driven by Charoo’s mom. She was in a car accident and the vehicle was totaled. Fine, just cut the lady a check so she can get a new car. Except the title was still in the name of both members of the couple, and the check has both of their names on it. Travelers refuses to issue a check to only Charoo’s mom, even with a death certificate and other documentation. Meanwhile, the bank refused to accept a check made out to a dead man.

My 75 year old mother unfortunately wrecked her car and broke her sternum. Her car was declared totaled and Traveler’s asked me to send in her signed title. The title was in my deceased father’s name and hers jointly. The agent asked me to send death certificate,power of attorney and signed title.

I sent all this and the will noting all proceeds go to my mother. Long story short, they send a check in my mothers and fathers name. No bank will cash it since he is not [here] to sign it nor is there an account in his name anymore. Multiple phone calls to Traveler’s gets her nowhere.

I called the senior agent [redacted] who says the legal department says they have to provide check as the title is written and there is nothing they can do. I ask why did I have to send in all of this documentation only to have an non cashable check. She told me to seek legal advise and nothing they can do. I asked to speak with their legal counsel to see how I can get a cashable check for her and she said no way.

My widowed mother with a broken sternum is now in tears concerned she will not be able to get a new car since since she can’t cash the check. I had to hire an attorney to rectify the situation. The customer service had to be the most uncaring and unhelpful of any company I have ever dealt with. I would never do business with them again.

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