Prepare To Pay $100 For Your Second Bag If You’re Hopping The Atlantic With United

Heading off to Europe and planning on packing every single possible outfit combination and pair of shoes own? If you’re flying United Airlines, your ensembles might need to be whittled down, as the company announced they’re upping the fee for a second checked bag on Trans-Atlantic flights from $70 to $100.

The move went into place on June 1, and is a somewhat confusing move as jet-fuel prices are finally falling, reports the Chicago Tribune. It’s also odd because of the skepticism around the European Union’s economic outlook.

United isn’t alone in this price-hiking — Delta Air Lines increased that same fee from $75 to $100 way back in January. Checking in online with Delta can save you money, however, with the fee in that case totaling $80.

United raised its fee a year ago from $50 to $70, which could be a sign that other airlines will also institute similar increases. Currently, American Airlines and US Airways have that second bag fee at $60 and $70, respectively.

Even scarier for passengers with a tight budget — these increases might indicate that there will eventually be a fee for a first checked bag. Which means even less perfect outfits for your Amazing European Vacation.

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