Guy In Chicken Suit Just Trying To Do His Job Gets His American Flag Stolen

What’s the average American flag-waving guy in a chicken supposed to do when someone ups and nabs said flag? He’s just trying to do his job outside the Boston Market and pay his bills. Of course, the cops have to get involved.

Police in Manchester, Conn. say the restaurant worker was parading and dancing outside a newly renovated Boston Market, waving an American flag, ostensibly to draw attention to the store. Nothing says, “Hey, look at me!” quite like a patriotic part of the poultry set.

Suddenly, a man jumped from a car, grabbed the flag, and drove off. A witness called the police and apparently, tickled a few funny bones in reporting the crime.

The Hartford Courant (via CBS News) says the dispatcher couldn’t quit laughing every time the phrase “chicken suit,” came up. You try being serious while saying “chicken suit.” It ain’t easy.

In order to prevent any more anti-chicken crime, the store’s manager stood beside the 23-year-old employee for the rest of his shift.

Theft of flag from man in chicken suit ruffles feathers in Conn. [CBS News]

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