Store Enacts “Two Students At A Time” Limit To Curb Shoplifting

Here in Philadelphia — and in a number of cities around the country — you hear several stories a week about some small deli or convenience store being suddenly overwhelmed by crowds of students with the intention of swiping armfuls of Pepsi Max, Sun Chips, Snickers bars and whatever else can be grabbed during the brief raid. One store has apparently had enough and enacted a two-student limit to cut down on the theft.

Consumerist reader Mark snapped this pic with his phone while walking past the store in his Center City Philly neighborhood. He says the store happens to be near several schools and there are often kids hanging out on this particular stretch of road.

It’s also down the street from a teaching hospital, says Mark, though he’s pretty sure the store owners wouldn’t make the med school students come in one pair at a time.

We just like the hand-drawn flowers on the sign, as if to say, “Please don’t hate us for wanting to keep you from robbing us blind.”

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