What Food Combinations Do You Love That Make People Think You’re Crazy?

It’s probably not a huge surprise to people that Taco Bell had a hit on its hand when it combined its sorta-tacos with Doritos. But not all food combinations sound as delicious when you try to describe them to folks.

Over at Reddit, someone suggests putting one drop of Tabasco sauce– no more, no less — in a glass of ginger ale.

“It greatly diminishes the syrupy flavor and makes it seem much drier,” explains the writer. “Add any more than one drop and you’re going to have a bad time.”

This has led to a discussion of other bizarre-but-awesome food combinations that no one believes until they try them.

For instance, there is the pinch of salt in chocolate milk, strawberry jam and cheddar cheese, and this one that Consumerist’s own Meg Marco decided to sample after reading: “Take a bite out of a strawberry, dip the strawberry in ground pepper, then bite again. The strawberry is much more juicy and the flavor comes out much more.”

Meg’s verdict:

It wasn’t as disgusting as it could have been. It actually made the strawberry taste like fake strawberry flavoring. Like super intense and odd. I did taste the pepper though. Maybe because the pepper was very coarsely ground… I would try it with a finer grind next time, but it was definitely not gross.

Speaking of black pepper, one of the most delicious things I ever ate was at a Quebec restaurant where they served slices of duck breast partially dipped in extremely dark chocolate and then dotted with three whole peppercorns.

So let us know about the food concoctions and combinations that you love but have trouble getting people to try. Maybe there’s a cookbook in this…


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  1. Coffee says:

    I like to make really good macaroni and cheese – with multiple types of cheddar, havarti, gruyere, etc…and then put ketchup on it. Mmmm…delicious, delicious ketchup.

    • Blueskylaw says:

      Havarti with dill? Yummmmmm

    • rmorin says:

      Awww … that’s like saying “I wrote an academy-award winning screen play, and cast Rob Schneider in the lead role”

      • Coffee says:

        I regret nothing! Wait…are you questioning Rob Schneider’s thespian chops?

        Actually, when I go to the trouble and expensive of making it fancible, I prepare two bowls for myself: one with kethcup and one without.

    • Portlandia says:

      You had me until the Ketchup, gag, but then again I generally despise Ketchup.

      I usually top mac and cheese with bread crumbs and crispy prosciutto.

      • Coffee says:

        In my defense, the title of the article isn’t What Food Combinations Do Love That Make People Think You’re Awesome? ;)

        • Portlandia says:

          I don’t fault you at all, many people love Ketchup, I just happen to dislike it with one exception. Something about a little ketchup on meatloaf is very tasty, but it has to be all natural no sugar no HFCS added stuff.

      • Kusac says:

        I’m going to have to try that.

        Generally I would cook up some ground beef, and put that in the mac and cheese, and add a little bit of garlic. Very tasty.

    • Laura Northrup says:


      • Coffee says:

        Dear, your mother and I have been talking, and we’re not sure what direction you have planned for your life. I know that you think this “internet newspaper” thing you work for is a pretty good gig, but I think we all know that the internet is a fad.

        Perhaps if it had more kethcup. And hashbrowns. And hashbrowns slathered in ketchup.

    • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

      I used to eat homemade mac and cheese dipped in brown gravy from my Salisbury steak.

    • rookie says:

      Cinnamon on orange slices. You may thank me later. Twenties will be fine…

    • blahblahblah says:

      I thought I was the only one who put ketchup on mac and cheese. Doesn’t matter if it is gourmet mac and cheese it’s got to have ketchup.

    • elangomatt says:

      Do you put ketchup on pretty much everything? My uncle does. He had some really awesome prime rib at a wedding a number of years ago, and yup he asked the waitress to bring the ketchup. He’d probably put it on mac and cheese as well.

    • rtwest says:

      It blows my mind how many people think it’s odd to put ketchup on mac and cheese. It’s always been a perfectly normal thing for me.

      Do you put ketchup on scrambled eggs, too? I do; many people have told me that’s strange, too.

    • Rhinoguy says:

      Ketchup? You put ketchup on Mac & Cheese? I use Taco Bell Hot Sauce, just a little.

  2. Blueskylaw says:

    “Over at Reddit, someone suggests putting one drop — no more, no less — in a glass of ginger ale.”

    One drop of what? The world and myself is dying to know.

    • Coffee says:

      Why are you talking to me, chicken man? One drop…ONE DROP!!! They put radio transceivers in my teeth D:

      • Blueskylaw says:

        That reply tells me you had one drop too many today. I suggest using a pill splitter
        to cut your drops in half; not only will you save money but your brain will thank you.

    • PunditGuy says:

      For those who don’t want to hit the link or correct the story: Tabasco.

    • Lethe says:

      Just hover over the Reddit link – the answer is tobasco sauce.

    • Southern says:

      “What Food Combinations Do Love That Make People Think You’re Crazy?”

      Is it just me, or is there a personal pronoun absent from that title?

      • Southern says:

        N/M, saw it has been addressed further down, and is fixed already. Thanks Chris. Thought I was just going crazy there. :)

        (Not that it’s a far trip, mind you).

  3. nopirates says:

    chicken noodle soup with peanutbutter crackers

    • awesome anna says:

      We used to do that as kids with chicken noodle and tomato soup! yum! totally forgot about that lol

    • zandar says:

      i do this with chili.

      sometimes i just put the peanut butter right in my chili. my wife and kids think I’m a looney.

      • orion70 says:

        Peanut butter is great in a lot of savory dishes. I’ve got a couple of soup recipes it goes in, and I regularly toss it into my stir fries and curries.

    • alana0j says:

      Mmmmm try bacon dipped in applesauce. Freaking amazing!

      also squeeze cheese on slim jims.

  4. AtlantaCPA says:

    I always thought I was the only one who liked sharp white cheddar with raspberry jam. (the article says strawberry which I think would not be as good though).

    Plus I just had to click the link to find out what the “drop — no more, no less — in a glass of ginger ale” was talking about.

  5. Darrone says:

    I hate to be the error-correction guy, but in the headline? An entire missing word?

    • mysterydate98 says:

      This whole thing is a mess.

    • somedaysomehow says:

      At least they’re consistent – missing word in the headline, and another one in the story itself.

    • Jawaka says:

      Better than repeating two entire paragraphs.

    • Laura Northrup says:

      Please, please, please e-mail us with corrections. We’re usually writing something else and don’t stop by the comments sections right away. Or that day. Sometimes I never get around to reading some posts’ comments at all.

      • Blueskylaw says:

        “Sometimes I never get around to reading some posts’ comments at all.”

        That’s too bad, some of min. . . err, some of coffee’s are pretty funny.

  6. That guy. says:

    “But not all food combinations sound as delicious when you try to describe them to folks.

    Over at Reddit, someone suggests putting one drop — no more, no less — in a glass of ginger ale.

    “It greatly diminishes the syrupy flavor and makes it seem much drier,” explains the writer. “Add any more than one drop and you’re going to have a bad time.””

    I keep reading this, but I feel like I’m missing something.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      The word tobasco excists in the previous sentence.

      Very obvious.

  7. AcctbyDay says:

    A drop of what?

    Over at Reddit, someone suggests putting one drop — no more, no less — in a glass of ginger ale.

    Good god this is embarrassing Chris Moran.

    Proofread. You are a grown adult who cannot proofread. If you worked in my office I would fire you.

    • Blueskylaw says:

      If he worked in your office you probably wouldn’t be able to fire him if he’s the bosses son.

      • AcctbyDay says:

        God help me if that is the case here.

        Have someone else proofread it – SOMETHING.

        And the title?? What Food Combinations Do Love That Make People Think You’re Crazy?


    • Coffee says:

      It’s “Morran.” WHO’S EMBARRASSED NOW?!?

      Hmm? Hmmmm?

      • AcctbyDay says:

        lol, me. I am a commentor, I don’t work for consumerist. I don’t get paid to write up articles.

  8. somedaysomehow says:

    “Over at Reddit, someone suggests putting one drop — no more, no less — in a glass of ginger ale.”

    Um, a drop of WHAT, exactly? Entire-point-of-two-paragraphs-fail.

  9. Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

    Rice and Pork N Beans… I sprinkle sugar over it.

    • Southern says:

      White or brown?

      I prefer brown.

      Or honey.

      • Steeb2er says:

        Rice or sugar?

        (I assume you mean sugar by your reference to honey …)

        • Southern says:

          Sorry — yes, was referring to the sugar he sprinkled on it. :)

          I’ve never tried it with white/table sugar, but I use brown sugar (or honey) in my pork-n-beans all the time.

          Along with about 1/4 pound of (fried) bacon and 1/2tsp of bacon grease per 15oz can.

          • Zyada says:

            Add some mustard and bake – you’ve got our family recipe for baked beans. Mmmmm, that sounds good.

    • Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

      I liked pork and beans + fried egg (sunny-side up) + rice + dash of soy sauce. Then moosh them all together.

      Looks like pig slop, but I usually clean my plate whenever this is served…

    • Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

      I liked pork and beans + fried egg (sunny-side up) + rice + dash of soy sauce. Then moosh them all together.

      Looks like pig slop, but I usually clean my plate whenever this is served…

  10. tofupuppy says:

    Tater tots on pizza.

    Also: a cafe by my house offers a Thai bagel — a bagel spread with peanut butter and topped with red onion and cucumber. Sounds bizarre; I love it. I usually sprinkle some salt on top too.

    • speaky2k says:

      Do you live in Chicago? There is a place there called Quenchers that serves this (not a traditional Deep Dish). I have had it once, and it wasn’t bad, but it was definitely a carb overload.
      “Tater Tot Pizza – Tater Tots, Cheddar Cheese, Green Onion, Bacon, Hint of Marinara. Served with a Side of Sour Cream. A Quenchers Saloon Original!”

      • tofupuppy says:

        San Francisco. I thought the Tot Pizza was my own unique invention but I guess not!

    • zandar says:

      that bagel sounds amazing. I am trying it tomorrow for breakfast. might even to squirt some hot sauce on there.

    • LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

      I guess I’m really weird…I like putting lettuce on fresh-from-the-oven pizza. The pizza has to be piping hot and the lettuce cool for the combo to work. It tastes awesome but I get some strange looks when I ask for a size of lettuce with a pizza.

    • orion70 says:

      Not long ago I made a recipe of smoked paprika almond butter from a recipe I found online (@edible perspective, if anyone’s interested in the recipe). It also had a bit of garlic etc in there. And it is awesome in combos like you describe. I used hot smoked paprika to give it extra kick. So good.

  11. nicless says:

    My favorite sandwich is peanut butter and butter sandwich. Yes, I am quite fat.

    • Coffee says:

      Love it XD

    • InsertPithyNicknameHere says:

      My grandmother loved butter and peanut butter on crackers, so you’re not alone.

      My mother likes to put Cheetos in her peanut butter & grape jelly sandwiches.

    • Southern says:

      I like a peanut butter & banana sandwich.

    • redskull says:

      When I was a kid my grandma would butter the bread no matter what kind of sandwich she fixed me. Baloney sandwich? Butter the bread. She even buttered it for a peanut butter sandwich. I didn’t particularly like it, but when you’re six you eat what you’re given and like it.

    • Vox Republica says:

      Peanut butter and tuna salad. Serve cold. Makes all the sense in the world once you’ve had it.

    • Slader says:

      When I was in elementary school over forty years ago, that is the way they made the sandwiches. I have not had a peanut butter and butter sandwich since then

    • RecordStoreToughGuy_RidesTheWarpOfSpaceIntoTheWombOfNight says:

      YOU SOUND– oh, wait.

    • pythonspam says:

      Peanut Butter and pickle sandwich.
      Had this all the time as a kid, and was recently reminded of it when watching Garfield and Friends (seasons 1 and 2 now available on hulu).

    • audiochick says:

      I do peanut butter and butter and put Doritos on it. Whole grain bread makes it healthy!

    • BD2008 says:

      Peanut butter and Miracle Whip over here.

    • "I Like Potatoes" says:

      My daughter loved peanut butter and cheese sandwiches when she was in 1st grade. I’m sure the other kids teased her but she didn’t want anything else. Then, one day, she decided she didn’t want it and never ate it again (she’s 16 now).

    • GadgetsAlwaysFit says:

      Toasted peanut butter and marshmallow. Spread peanut butter on the bread, top with marshmallows. Place in the oven and broil until the marshmallows start to turn golden brown. Lightly toast the other piece of bread. Wear a bib or be prepared to drip over the plate when eating. My grandmother made this for me when I used to visit for a week at a time and it was completely awesome. It’s a real stick to your ribs sandwich and really good in the winter.

    • Froggee285 says:

      I too, ate peanut butter and butter sandwiches as a kid. I had an aversion to all things fruit, therefore refused to eat jelly/jam, probably until high school.

      Also, I would eat cream cheese sandwiches on soft white bread.

    • rtwest says:

      You’re all gross. D:

  12. dpeters11 says:

    It took me a bit to figure this article out with the omissions…

    I am not that unusual, but do like a little cayenne in my hot chocolate. But that’s not new.

  13. dolemite says:

    I like to tear up rolls and put gravy on them (brown gravy). I don’t see the difference between biscuits and gravy.

    I also think Doritos with a cheese sandwich and Coke is some kind of insanely good combo for some reason.

    • Southern says:

      I don’t think that’s an unusual food combination at all.

      Pretty normal for the South, in fact.

  14. MrEvil says:

    My whole family thinks I’m weird for liking Rhubarb anything.

  15. gnoswal says:

    Add one drop of

    Tabasco sauce

    to a glass of ginger ale. It greatly diminishes the syrupy flavor and makes it seem much drier. Add any more than one drop and you’re going to have a bad time. (This trick also works with other drinks with varying degrees of success.) I’ve told many people but few believe me until they’ve tried it for themselves. Do you have any tricks that nobody believes will actually work unless you can convince them to try?

  16. Kevin says:

    Spanjo – Toasted bread (or sometimes an Asiago cheese bagel) spread with with cream cheese, slices of sharp cheddar, bacon, apple slices (wide, thin slices, not wedges for better stacking), and alfalfa sprouts. Thought it would be awful, but the combination is one of my favorites.

  17. Beef Supreme says:

    So many errors…*headdesk*

  18. Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

    This place has the best good in Gainesville……

    • DrLumen says:

      Banana sandwiches made with bread, mayo (Miracle Whip) and sprinkled with a bit of sugar. Yummy! Peanut butter and apple sandwiches are good too but they do have a strange texture thing going on.

      My mom used to make fudge out of Velveta cheese. It sounds weird but it was actually pretty good.

    • Jules Noctambule says:

      Best food in Gainesville? But that’s not the Reggae Shack menu at all!

      • Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

        Fuck that place! That place is a disgrace to my culture.

    • The Porkchop Express says:

      That is the one in Sarasota, I’m sure they have one in Gainsville. the owner probably went to UF or what ever community college is in the area.

  19. Straspey says:

    When I was young, we used to make something called a “Brown Cow” and…

    …Now see — Your minds are all in the gutter for thinking what you were thinking – shame on you !

    As I was saying…

    A “Brown Cow” is a glass filled with 50-50% milk and Coca Cola.

    It tastes a lot better than it sounds – really…

    • dolemite says:

      My dad used to drink those all of the time, but he didn’t call it brown cow. I was thoroughly grossed out by it though.

      I guess it’s not much different from one of those ice cream coke floats.

    • Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

      Ok, you won. Get out of here. Gross.

    • Blueskylaw says:

      Why now, brown cow?

    • AtlantaCPA says:

      My fav was egg nog and coke – same vein, but more artery-clogging goodness.

    • redskull says:

      Laverne beat you to it with milk & Pepsi.

    • Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

      Or milk and Moxie… (before they sold Moxie, chnaged the formula and sweetened it up).

    • I just blue myself says:


  20. yellowdog says:

    A sandwich made with QUALITY apricot preserves and QUALITY cheddar cheese. Hotcha! Adjust the ingredients to your tastes.

  21. benh57 says:

    Too bad we can’t flag and entire post (rather than a comment) for review.

  22. Hungry Dog says:

    This isn’t a combination but I get weird looks when I age my gummy bears. Haribo are the best for this as they get harder and still retain all their flavor. I have only run into one other person in 10 years of service that does this as well.

    • AK47 - Now with longer screen name! says:

      I do the same with marshmallows – purposely let them get stale before I’ll touch them. It’s like eating Lucky Charms without that pesky cereal crap!

      • elangomatt says:

        I’ve heard of people doing the same with marshmallow peeps as well. Both are ok when they are staled up, but I still prefer the fresher version.

    • Cacao says:

      Similarly/conversely, I once found an old unopened box of ribbon candy. It was chewy and delicious. Much better than the original!

    • Coleoptera Girl says:

      I do this, but only because I had Haribo Gold Bears for the first time actually in Germany, where they were made harder (at the time, I don’t know about now) than they do here in the US. The colors are also somewhat different….

  23. shepd says:

    Evaporated milk on pie, although it only seems to make people in North America think I’m crazy.

    • shepd says:

      Also, evaporated milk mixed with fruit in syrup from a can.

    • gnoswal says:

      I also eat my pie in a bowl of milk(2% though). Everybody thinks its weird. It was something my mother, from coal country Pennsylvania, introduced me to.

      • Southern says:

        Not really any different than eat a piece of pie with a glass of milk, though – you’re just skipping the step of having to pick up the glass. :)

        I don’t think I have any really “weird” food combinations, unless you count a lot of Southern food in general.. Pigs feet, pickled pigs ears, pickled eggs, chili-slaw dogs (YUM!), pork chop sandwiches, potato sandwiches, chicken/sausage/seafood gumbo.. hmm.. what else.. Not gonna touch some of the Cajun stuff.. But most of that is considered “normal” down here. :)

    • Coleoptera Girl says:

      Hot, fresh brownies with a little half-and-half instead of ice cream or whipped cream are my thing. Less sweet, more delicious!

  24. PunditGuy says:

    Great appetizer: Italian bread toast with Gorgonzola crumbles, drizzled with a little honey, and broiled just until the cheese is a little melty. Even people who hate blue cheese can’t get enough of these.

    • InsertPithyNicknameHere says:

      Oh my heavens that sounds good. I wonder how a bit of sliced tart apple would pair with that…

      • PunditGuy says:

        Should be good. Unripe pears might pair (see what I did there) better with the Gorgonzola.

  25. defectiveburger says:

    strawberries dipped in sour cream (or whipped… sour’s better), then dipped in brown sugar. Sheer amazingness. Not gross at all – seriously try it

  26. May contain snark says:

    I sometimes put a little bit of ranch dressing on cheesecake.

    Everyone else thinks it’s disgusting and an insane ammount of calories.

    But I still have a 32″ waist, and it’s delicious, so I’m going to keep doing it.

  27. gnoswal says:

    Don’t ask me how I found this out but… I love those little chocolate covered donuts and….V8. ::Steps back and makes room for the retching… ::

  28. kursk says:

    Fritos and vanilla ice cream

    • iesika says:

      The only thing I ever get at McDonalds, once every few years or so, is an ice cream cone and an order of french fries. Then I dip the french fries in the ice cream.

  29. cybrczch says:

    Peanut butter on raw cabbage leaves. Got this one when my nephew was in HeadStart.
    Rum (light, dark or coconut flavored preferred, vanilla will do) and diet Mountain Dew.
    Sour cream on french fries.

    • Not Given says:

      Hot Dr Pepper and rum, with honey and lemon

    • The Cupcake Nazi says:

      I’ve done that, sort of. I had spiced rum and no soda except Diet Dew to mix with. So I did.

      Drank the entire fifth of rum at a 50/50 mix. No hangover!

    • Southern says:

      Sour cream on french fries does sound a bit unusual, but when I think about it I guess it’s no different than it would be on a baked potato.. Never tried it, but I think I will.

      I wonder about a french fry with sour cream AND butter? I may have to try that one day. lol :)

    • iesika says:

      Sour cream and fries are marvelous.

  30. InsertPithyNicknameHere says:

    Personally, I think that if someone is putting Tabasco in ginger ale, that person is not drinking good ginger ale. Not all ginger ales are created equal.

    • Kuchen says:

      They aren’t drinking Vernor’s, for sure.

      • InsertPithyNicknameHere says:

        I can only imagine the person doing this drinks Canada Dry ginger ale.

        I would never try that trick with Sprecher’s (my personal fave), because it doesn’t taste “syrupy”.

    • MovingTarget says:

      Canada Dry ginger ale is crap. Vernors is what ginger ale should taste like.

      • Dave on bass says:

        No… Vernor’s is what HEAVEN tastes like.

        Well, that or Cheerwine. Maybe heaven is just a giant soda fountain with both Vernor’s and Cheerwine to choose from.

  31. NumberSix says:

    French fries with mayo and fries dipped in a Wendy’s frosty.

    • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

      A chocolate shake and hot fries are the best. I’m sad that Wendy’s new fry recipe doesn’t work at all with the frosty anymore.

    • cash_da_pibble says:

      I’ve been esting Wendy’s Frosty and French Fries since I was twelve. It’s so heavenly.
      I agree, however, their new fries botch the whole thing.

    • Tarceinus says:

      Visiting Germany, I saw tons of people dipping fries in mayo.

  32. rugman11 says:

    The Iron Barley in St. Louis has a Monte Cristo dog. Two all-beef hot dogs topped with swiss cheese and strawberry jam. Delicious.

    • tequilasundae says:

      I love the Iron Barley…had me the Ballistic Elvis..Bacon,PBJ on Grilled cheese with Banana and red pepper flakes..the owner must have been SUPER Stoned when he created it.

  33. Blackfoot says:

    Fritos Scoops with peanut butter. My wife thinks I’m insane, but I’ve managed to get my son hooked on ’em.

    • NettyM says:

      Done that since before there were scoops!

      Apparently I’m having something with peanut butter for dinner, as every comment I make is about PB and all the ones I think sound good involve it.

    • redskull says:

      YES! Since I was a kid I’ve dipped my potato chips in peanut butter, like it was a dip. Never thought anything was odd about it until I got out into the world and found out I’m the only one who does it.

  34. idx says:

    Peanut butter and bacon cheese burger.

  35. MovingTarget says:

    I like salt on my cantaloupe or watermelon. Srirachi on Mac and cheese, its also good with chocolate ice cream.

    • Froggee285 says:


      I dislike the taste of watermelon, its so bland, maybe i can try that.

    • orion70 says:

      Sort of in line with the salt/watermelon theme, ever try watermelon on salad with feta cheese? Oh so good.

    • Jillia says:

      Salt on cantaloupe. My mom does that and I thought it was weird at first, but it really brings out the flavor. Kind of like the little bit of salt that goes into baking, you need a little salt to make something sweeter.

      You should try prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe if you haven’t already. Similar effect. Soooo unbelievably tasty.

  36. AtlantaCPA says:

    Back when I drank coke it was great to mix egg nog and coke. It was like a coke float but egg-noggy. It did make a huge head though.

  37. nicoleintrovert says:

    Peanut butter and bacon sandwich.

    Peanut butter and butter sandwich.

    A big glass of chocolate milk to accompany Spaghetti-Os.

    Am I still 5 years old? I think so.

  38. NettyM says:

    I put peanut butter on my BLTs. I get weird looks from servers (and usually anyone I’m with) when I ask for a cup of PB when I order, but it’s so good it’s totally worth it. Learned it from my mom. :)

  39. Warren - aka The Piddler on the Roof says:

    I like to smear Liquid Nails on my Pop Tarts. Is that weird?

    • framitz says:

      May be a bit weird, but probably an improvement.
      Those things seem to have gotten really nasty lately.

  40. Dirt Farmer says:

    I put cashews on a baked potato…

    Very tasty.

  41. racordes says:

    Radishes and wine

    • goheels83 says:

      Also good – radishes and fresh parmesan. take a bite out of the wedge of parm and a bite of radish – delicious!

  42. pgh9fan1 says:

    Sloppy Joes and sauerkraut.

    • Sad Sam says:

      that one sounds interesting, I’ll have to try that next time I make vegan sloppy joes.

  43. nugatory says:

    A few different things I’ve cooked in the past that were really good, but quite a few people refused to even try.

    Blueberry and lavender
    pink peppercorn
    chocolate cinnamon and basil

    Grapefruit and rosemary (or tarragon).

    Apple and Carrot salad with a Curry dressing.
    Champagne Jello
    peanut butter and honey sandwich

    I’m sure there is plenty more of them as I tend to like strange flavor combinations.

  44. Crymansqua says:

    I dip my onion rings in cottage cheese. Best. Combo. Evar.

  45. princewally says:

    I always spread peanut butter on saltines before adding them to my chili. An acceptable substitute is to dip a peanut butter sandwich in the chili.

  46. cyandron says:

    My dad eats sticks Fritos into his banana before every bite. Ick!

    Oh, and my neice talked me into trying this once, and it wasn’t horrible…pickle spears dipped in the queso at McAllister’s Deli.

  47. axhandler1 says:

    Orange juice instead of milk on your honey nut Cheerios. I swear to god, try it.

    Note: Does not work with regular Cheerios.

  48. Kuri says:

    I used to get cheeseburgers with no condiments, then dip them in ketchup until I wised up.

  49. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    Chocolate and beer. Not mixed, just something like a nice chocolate mousse pie and a glass of good beer to drink along side.

    • Esmeralda the Calipygian says:

      Oh, yeah- beer and chocolate are pure awesomeness together! I made my friend a chocolate-Guinness cake with Guinness buttercream for her birthday, and she agreed.

      • MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

        Chocolate or cheese are really good with IPAs or other very hoppy beers. In fact, I couldn’t finish a bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale without something sweet or creamy.

  50. bben says:

    My father was partial to Pineapple & Onion sandwiches – but it had to be fresh pineapple.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      Fresh pineapple tastes very different than the oversyruped canned stuff. My ex-bosses brought some back from Hawaii and shared it with us. Delicious. I would buy it more often but I hate cutting them up.

      • itonix says:

        Urban Tacos in DFW airport serve tacos Al Pastor.. pulled pork with pineapples. I was skeptical first time but now I am addicted to them

  51. Kuchen says:

    I will dip carrot sticks in almost anything: peanut butter, ketchup, barbecue sauce, coke. But I hate veggie dip. I also like dill pickles with cooked peas, and pomegranate juice mixed with grape soda.

    My dad puts grape nuts cereal in chili. And I once saw him sprinkle grape nuts on ice cream.

    • orion70 says:

      The grape nuts on ice cream is not unusual at all. In fact where I come from it’s a regular flavor along side the chocolate and vanilla.

  52. boardboy330 says:

    Store bought garlic bread (Texas toast) and add Grape or Strawberry jelly. Sounds gross til you try it.

  53. JusticeGustine says:

    Kraft Dinner Island Style.

    That means add cut up Spam cubes. Eat until full.

    • Just Ducky says:

      That’s actually not bad at all. I usually cook up some ground beef and put it in my Kraft Cheese & Macaroni.

      I also make my own beefaroni that’s better than the can. Simple too:

      1. Boil up some macaroni.
      2. While the water’s boiling, brown some ground beef (seasoned however you like).
      3. Drain part of the water off (or none if you want it to be more like a soup).
      4. Put the meat in the macaroni pot along with 1-2 cans tomato sauce and some cut-up cubes of Velveeta.
      5. Stir the pot until the Velveeta is melted.
      6. Serve while it’s hot.

      You can add vegetables if you want more of a goulash-type of dinner.

  54. MichaelRyanSD says:

    Ice cream sandwiches and miller high life, seriously try it

  55. BelleSade says:

    Rice with ketchup, guacamole and pomegranate seeds, McDonald’s French fries in their ice cream..

  56. boardboy330 says:

    Forgot to add a few:

    Cottage Cheese with: Pepper or Pineapple or Apple Butter or Strawberries.

    Peanut butter and honey sandwich

    Chocolate Ice Cream with crushed potato chips

    A box of mac and cheese – with a can of tuna in it.

    A box of mac and cheese with a can of tomato soup in it.

    Butter and Onion sandwich

  57. Versonymous says:

    Funyuns and strawberry icing…

    Originally an accident, became a favorite!

  58. superflippy says:

    I like mayonnaise on my broccoli. Always have.

  59. Portlandia says:

    Cube a really good french bread (sometimes I use the kind with olives) and toss in the oven until it’s lightly toasted on all sides.

    Mix this in a big bowl with tomatoes, red onion, a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, fresh basil, and Salt & Pepper. Voila! Bread Salad. It’s to die for.

    • Kyle says:

      I don’t know why anyone would think that’s crazy—that actually sounds really tasty, and I might have to try that as something to bring to the next party or picnic!

  60. cyberpenguin says:

    A sauce for meatballs: equal parts grape jelly and picante sauce

    To fix your chile con queso: Add a tablespoon or two of standard yellow mustard

    • BennieHannah says:

      Mustard is a common ingredient in classic white cheese sauces — usually the dried variety, but I’ve used all jarred varieties too. Also, add a dash of hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Lots of people don’t realize that a white sauce should taste good even BEFORE you add the cheese!

      For meatballs, I like to use apricot preserves, Guinness, ketchup and Sirracha, boiled down to a glossy consistency.

    • Coffee says:

      That meatball recipe is classic: grape jelly + chili sauce = excellent meatballs. The ingredients do sound weird when I tell them to people, though.

  61. valleyval says:

    Pizza with Ranch dressing….heaven.

    • brinks says:

      I grew up on the east coast and had never seen that combo before, but I see ranch and pizza eaten together fairly often here in Ohio. I’m down with dipping my crust in it, but I don’t understand pouring it on pizza.

  62. Chaluapman says:

    Roasted Corn on the Cob with Mayo and Kraft Parmesan cheese

    • BennieHannah says:

      That is surprisingly good. I also like roasted corn basted with a butter/Kahlua mixture and fresh, finely chopped jalapenos.

    • cash_da_pibble says:

      This is classic Mexican fare around here. You can add some powdered pepper to it too.

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

      American cheese and Bicks yum-yum pickle sandwiches

      Kraft mac & cheese with HP sauce

      Macadamia nuts and pepperoni (best if its a super hot pepperoni)

      I also like sliced cucumbers in my hot dogs

      When I was a kid, we had a neighbor who would mix brown sugar with butter and smear it on bread and have that as his breakfast.

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

      Sorry this was supposed to be its own post, not in reply to yours.

  63. TomClements says:

    Popcorn & Bacon

    Pop 1 cup of popcorn and fry 1/4lb of diced bacon to crispy. Put the popcorn in a large bowl and pour the bacon and grease over it. Salt to taste.

  64. Anthony C. says:

    Nacho cheese and chocolate ice cream cake.

  65. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    I add sour cream to my scrambled eggs, maybe a teaspoon, and they just turn into fluffy wonders of nature.

    Hot chocolate needs a pat of butter more than it needs marshmallows that melt anyway, IMO.

    My dad adds a sprinking of salt to his coffee, personally I don’t taste it.

    • audiochick says:

      I dip buttered toast in my hot chocolate. Delish!

    • elangomatt says:

      I like to add a bit of softened cream cheese to scrambled eggs, I imagine it has a similar effect to your sour cream. I might try sour cream next time if I have any laying around.

      • Jillia says:

        OHMYGOD I thought I was the only person in the world who did cream cheese and scrambled eggs. Everybody think it’s weird when I tell them, but it’s really not that much different than adding any other cheese to them.

        Also do the sour cream thing. Makes for fluffier, richer scrambled eggs. ;)

      • Jillia says:

        OHMYGOD I thought I was the only person in the world who did cream cheese and scrambled eggs. Everybody think it’s weird when I tell them, but it’s really not that much different than adding any other cheese to them.

        Also do the sour cream thing. Makes for fluffier, richer scrambled eggs. ;)

    • orion70 says:

      I sometimes put a little mayo into my scrambled eggs before I cook them, makes them soft and fluffy and a little “eggier”.

  66. DWMILLER says:

    Good Merlot and vanallia ice cream! Use moderation though….

  67. Jawaka says:

    My wife loves sweet relish in her tuna but I can’t stand it.

  68. elkie says:

    I love the sweet tart combination of ice cream, esp. chocolate or vanilla with plain yogurt. Cuts the calories a little too.

  69. Jawaka says:

    I used to love to make macaroni and cheese when I’d make a steak. I also like teriyaki sauce on my steak. Well, one thing led to another and now I love teriyaki sauce on my mac & cheese.

  70. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    Cheddar cheese cubes dipped in Miracle Whip

    Turkey Pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, and garlic dill pickle on rye, toasted

  71. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Some of the things in this thread sound DELICIOUS; others made me cry aloud in terror. 0_0 But I’m bookmarking it anyway.

    My combos:

    –Carrots with either peanut butter–raw or maple syrup–cooked (got ex’s little girl to eat her carrots that way)

    –Salmon filet with raspberry jam (dilute with hot water, nuke and pour over fish). I found this one by accident when I didn’t have anything else to put on the salmon.

    –Peanut butter and potato chip sammish. Wavy Lays or Ruffles are best. :)

    –Lentils and ketchup. Just boil them and then put the ketchup on the drained lentils. Seriously, we ate the crap out of this as kids. I don’t like lentil soup.

    –Beanburgers: pork and beans with cooked ground beef, a bit of ketchup, mustard and a pinch of brown sugar. Makes the most delicious sloppy joes ever.

    –Sugar on freshly-sliced tomatoes. Southern BF thinks that’s gross and should be salt. No way.

    –Salt and pepper on cottage cheese. Also good with fruit. (the cottage cheese, not the salt and pepper.

    Since I got a blender, I’ve been trying different fruit combos for smoothies. Once I made one with partially-thawed frozen strawberries and peaches, orange juice and honey. For some reason it came out pinkish-orange (not enough strawberries, I guess) and totally looked like vomit. It was delicious but I had to close my eyes before I could take a sip. :P

    • CubeRat says:

      I’ve made salmon with fresh appricot. I don’t know what made me do it, but it was delicious – no one else would try it. Truly wonderful. I sliced some, and crushed others and mixed it and placed it over the raw salmon before cooking.

      I’ll have to try it with the Raspberry jam, thanks.

  72. evelynsixteen says:

    Cesar salad dressing on a brownie. It has to be the good stuff (on both fronts), and I know, it sounds so so so wrong, but oh boy does it ever taste so so so right.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      I wonder if garlic dressing would work….

      I like my brownies bald. No icing, no powdered sugar, no chocolate chips, etc. No blondies, no maple. Ugh.

  73. druidicawen says:

    Peanut Butter and Green Olive sandwiches…

    • Free Legal Advice! says:

      Cream Cheese and Green Olive sandwiches! I think its the fat/salt combo. My husband thought I was insane the first time I did it. Now we sometimes make a cream cheese/green olive potato chip dip (best with Ruffles).

      • Spaghettius! says:

        I’ve seen a few delis offer olive-studded cream cheese. Cream cheese seems to be a great vehicle for whatever flavors you like.
        I microwave mine with a few dashes of Frank’s sometimes before I spread it on a bagel. Mmmm Buffalo cream cheese :)

  74. zh8705 says:

    Dark Chocolate and Cayenne pepper ice cream from Jeni’s

  75. zh8705 says:

    Grilled cheese sandwich with turkey breast, swiss cheese, fresh sliced pear and spicy brown mustard

  76. lvdave says:

    Everybody knows (and probably likes PBJ sandwitches.. I dearly love something like that.. Two slices of white bread (gotta be white or sourdough), a nice slathering of Kraft Miracle Whip Salad dressing on one slice of bread and a thick slathering of chunky (the chunkier the better) peanut butter. MMMMMMmmmm ate those a LOT as a kid.. Now when I get the urge, I use Fatfree Miracle Whip instead… YES, I KNOW theres gallons of fat in the peanut butter… don’t care.. it tastes soooooooooooooooo good… THAT, friends, is “comfort food”….

    • Dave on bass says:

      Oh. My. God.

      I thought I was the only one. I ate PB+MW sandwiches as a kid – got it from my grandfather. Nowadays not so much, but I liked it then.

      Also when I was a kid: Bologna & Cheese (and MW) sandwich dipped into a cold Coke.

      Yeah, grew up with mom’s side of the family being big fans of Miracle Whip.

      Now I still only have one really big holdover I still love: Peanut Butter & Jelly & (nacho) Doritos sammich.

      • Consumerista says:

        No way, bro! You are not alone. K. We got three people now. Thus begins the PB & MW uprising. No, really, google your favorite sammie in the world. returned “About 2,860,000 results”

    • Consumerista says:

      What’s up pal!?!
      I was gonna post up that same thing…’cept my Momma made ’em with banana in between! I love them so! I made your favorite when it was the only thing that would satisfy, and i was out of banana. We are now super-Consumerist BFFs! HI-five for PB n Mayo!!! m/

  77. zh8705 says:

    hamburger marinated in teriyaki sauce, extra sharp cheddar cheese, and a ring of grilled pineapple

  78. eezy-peezy says:

    Peanut butter on white bread, as an accompaniment to a spaghetti dinner. I’m a victim of school lunches.

  79. framitz says:

    I really like potato chips on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
    It provides extra salt, extra crunch, and help keep the peanut butter from sticking.

  80. P=mv says:

    I am known to put bread and butter pickles in my chocolate ice cream.

  81. courtachino says:

    I like grilled cheese and mayo. Yum yum delicious.

  82. DoraAreGames says:

    I think that all my concoctions are fairly normal, but they horrify my husband. Being from Canada, I see nothing wrong with putting gravy on french fries, but neither he or his family can wrap their heads around it. He’s downright disgusted by the notion of poutine, though. I also love pineapple pizza (that is, regular pizza with pineapple on it, no Hawaiian sauces or anything), and it’s even better cold out of the fridge. Yum! I guess I’m kind of boring… I’ll try anything once, but I don’t think I enjoy anything out and out weird.

  83. Nyxalinth says:

    cheddar cheese with a bit of honey

    Turkey salad with grapes or raisins

    Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches

    Tzatziki sauce and french fries

  84. Almighty Peanut says:

    pizza and anchovies.

    • Sparkstalker says:

      Hell, anchovies and _______. Love ’em in salads, on crackers, pretty much wherever.

  85. Taylor Rolyat says:

    I drink skim milk. With every…single…meal.

  86. Bernard says:

    Macaroni and cheese and tuna

    • Free Legal Advice! says:

      Shhh…. my husband thinks I’m a genius because I make box mac and cheese and add tuna, a can of diced tomatoes, and frozen peas (while the pasta is cooking). An awesome, quick, and tasty dinner.

  87. awesome anna says:

    Bacon in syrup, duh. And grilled cheese dipped in ketchup. Water chestnuts in my tuna salad.

  88. Green Beer Day says:

    Grilled chicken on a pita smeared with hummus – drizzled with bbq sauce. And Coke+Lemonade

  89. Awesome McAwesomeness says:

    In my omnivore days I used to eat spaghetti and meat sauce on toast with a slice of cheese melted on top. So good.

  90. Ayumi~n says:

    Back in elementary, my classmates and I ate our pickles with a Now and Later stuffed in the middle. We’d bite off the top of the pickle, make a little hole for it, cram it in, and practice our fellatio skills. I cringe at the thought of it.

  91. alexwade says:

    I like cheddar cheese dipped in tomato sauce. For lunch today I had a can of spaghetti O’s with hoop cheddar. I cut the cheese up and drop it in the spaghetti O’s and let it melt a little. I do this with any lunch in a can food that uses some kind of tomato sauce. I also use this Roman noodles. Really, cheddar mixes well with a lot of foods.

    Something else I like to do is have milk or orange juice with my popcorn. Orange juice just tastes better with popcorn.

  92. EarthAngel says:

    Sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich from either McDonald’s or Burger King. Add a packet of grape jelly.


    • annecat says:

      I didn’t even remember sausage with grape jelly until you said that – haven’t had it in years and years. It was yum, though.

  93. powermetal2000 says:

    Peanut butter & dill pickle sandwich. Awesome.

  94. Taed says:

    I have two oddities:
    * I always put corn bread in my clam chowder and mix it in.
    * I usually add peas to my cheese grits. (Of course, grits are considered an oddity in the first place.)

  95. Qolotlh says:

    Peanut butter and sweet gherkin sandwiches. My mother ate them while pregnant with my little brother and they are actually a good combo; and I’m a foodie!

  96. giax says:

    Wasabi in vanilla ice cream – ideally not in store bought one, but in ice cream you make home. Yum (tiny bit of match doesn’t hurt too).
    Cinnamon, tons of cinnamon, in coffee and in plain yogurt.

  97. Kodai says:

    Applesauce spread on top of a bologna & may on white bread sandwich.

  98. KyBash says:

    Something I had only once, but it was wonderful:
    You need really big crab legs, sour cream, coarsely ground black pepper, and a campfire.
    You break off enough of the shell so there’s an inch of two of meat exposed, hold it in the fire for a minute, dip it into the sour cream, dip it into the pepper, and eat. Repeat endlessly.
    Pure heaven!
    The only appropriate drink with it is ice-cold vodka.

  99. SabreDC says:

    Nutella (just a bit) in a grilled cheese sandwich….

  100. kalaratri says:

    My dad eats peanut butter sandwiches coated in kosher salt or peanut butter and frank’s hot sauce. I like crushed tortilla chips on my ice cream.

  101. 8pozzum says:

    Canned tuna and A1.
    Canned pears with a dollop of mayo and a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese (the wife loves it, I hate it.)

    OTOH, I firmly believe that BBQ sauce and cheese should never meet in the same dish.

  102. failurate says:

    In place of mayo, my wife uses butter on sandwiches. The first time I saw her do it, I was like WTF? But really, butter is right up there bacon, it can pretty much do no wrong.

  103. Doctor R says:

    Cook Oatmeal with broccoli, ad tahini and real soy sauce. Yummy.
    Bagel, lox, tomato and avocado with sea salt.
    Peanut butter and tomato sandwich.

  104. greendragon2000 says:

    My hubby likes Mac and Cheese with Ranch dressing…

    My weirdness happened during pregnancy when I would eat liver covered in cheeze wiz ( when I was a kid it was the only way she could get me to eat it!)

  105. moonunitrappa says:

    Not by choice, but in school, we were fed peanut butter and bacon sandwiches which might have been good had the pb not been industrial government grade and the bacon wimpy fatty and slippery.

    When I was a teen I ate chopped up hotdogs in my scrambled eggs and at that with doritos and at a younger age, it wasn’t pbj it was pb and fluff… a fluffernutter sandwich.

    I also use to cover an apple with a slice of american cheese when I ate it..but as an adult I see that’s not unusual, I just needed to improve my taste in cheese.

  106. Charmander says:

    I like sprinkling wheat germ on vanilla ice cream. Delish!

  107. ZacharyTF says:

    Wheat toast with cream cheese and salami.

  108. makabe says:

    The Oakland A’s used to give out Twinkies with their ‘Saturday BBQ’ promotion (hot dog, chips, bbq sauce, twinkie, soda) so I used to get the twinkies from my companions’ lunches, I would offer to eat them with the bbq sauce. I averaged 5 T+BBQ for every saturday home game. Two great tastes…

  109. hypes057 says:

    Peanut Butter n Grape Jelly sandwhich with Wise brand Cheese Puffs inside. Yum.

  110. tequilasundae says:

    hillbilly hot dogs (chili and coleslaw), and I tried corn on the cob how the Mexicans do it..Mayo and chili powder..quite good

  111. hypes057 says:

    Peanut Butter n Grape Jelly sandwich with Wise brand Cheese Puffs inside. Yum.

  112. SeattleSeven says:

    gin and vermouth

  113. Mr. Kelly R. Flewin says:

    For me… it comes down to how I eat my pizza. Mushroom, Pineapple, Extra Cheese.

    Apparently not having meat on a pizza is blasphemous… x.x;;

    And when I eat at Mongo’s Grill, I add 4 ladels of Teriyaki and 4 Ladels of Honey Mustard Sauce to my bowl before it goes on the grill. Really adds a nice blend of flavour I feel.

  114. Kisses4Katie says:

    Ketchup on my eggs, and I love saltines with pickles, mustard, and cheddar cheese. Bread and butter pickles, that is. They used to serve it as an app at Cracker Barrel, like, 2 decades ago.

  115. jerry101 says:

    A bunch of hot chili peppers
    Some onion
    Some mixed nuts
    Chicken broth
    A few other things

    Mix it all together.


  116. jerry101 says:

    My pop used to eat something he called “s### on a shingle”

    He’d burn one or two pieces of toast – wonder bread turned black and hardened – and warm up a can of cream of mushroom soup. Then he’d dump the “s###” all over the shingles and dig in.

    It grossed me out. A lot.

  117. Thespian says:

    When I was a kid, my mom used to make a salad consisting of lettuce, sliced bananas, and mayonnaise. I know, it doesn’t sound good, but I promise you it tasted great.

  118. Vielle84 says:

    My ex loves to eat his bananas and waffles with slices of American cheese; he says the syrup + cheese makes waffles extra savory. Ick.

  119. mob3000 says:

    Favorite drink is Jack n Cran

  120. Dryfus Ranon says:

    Coffee with Heavy Whipping creme. Chocolate Milk with 1/2 milk 1/2-half/half.

  121. Jules Noctambule says:

    Back before I became allergic to pineapple my go-to pizza toppings were green olives, pineapple, jalapenos and garlic. SO good together!

  122. balance776 says:

    black pepper on pancakes and syrup (with some bacon of course, duh.)
    chili on white rice

  123. Mknzybsofh says:

    Had an uncle that would put Mayo on everything, mac and cheese, lasagna, fruit salad, cereal (yes there was milk in it), pancakes, CAKE, ice cream, he’d dip it into chocolate. Yes, I watched him do this many a time.

    Ate cereal once with salt instead of sugar. OJ that was poured into my cereal on that already had milk added to it. Blueberry muffin mix that was used instead of corn muffin mix. Yeah, I ate them.

    However my favorite strange foods are: Brown/White rice with mustard (about 1.5 tbsp per cup cooked). PBJ w/ Doritos, white bread, chunky BP, grape or strawberry jelly, one layer of natcho cheese Doritos squish between the PBJ HHMMMM goes to eat one now. Cottage cheese w/one or more of the following: pineapple, applesauce, apple butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, black pepper, any preserves. Horseradish, ketchup and eggs. Freshly pealed raw garlic w/ a touch of olive oil, black pepper, parsley(fresh is best), touch of lemon juice. This is also good roasted.

  124. Jerem43 says:

    Peanut and bacon sanwiches

  125. OnePumpChump says:

    Non-dairy creamer in diet root beer. You’ve got to water down the root beer by like 20 or 30 percent or else the creamer will curdle, though.

  126. lahmaine says:

    French toast bagel with bacon scallion cream cheese – a perfect combination of salty and sweet. Also dip strawberries in hummus.

  127. Boo LaRue says:

    Hot buttered popcorn with Hot Tamales candy mixed throughout.

  128. Sorta Kinda Lucky Soul says:

    I’ve got two – first, liverwurst on a ritz cracker with some strawberry jam. Wonderful. Next, take Sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce and mix it all together. One of my favorites!

  129. Real Cheese Flavor says:

    Dark chocolate and garlic.

  130. sherrietee says:

    White rice in applesauce. It tastes like an apple-y rice pudding.

  131. airren says:

    I think it used to be pretty popular, but I love sliced strawberries in a pool of balsamic vinegar. Yummo!

  132. PiratePrentice says:

    Crunchy peanut butter and dill pickle (slices) sandwich.

    Braunschweiger, onion, sauerkraut and stadium mustard.

  133. Froggee285 says:

    Cheeze-Itz and Rolling Rock beer. OMG, this pairs very well together.

    mac and cheese with bacon

    Cinnamon graham cracker and cream cheese sandwiches (but it has to be the regular kind of crackers, not the fat free or diet, because then the cinnamon isn’t as good)

    Ginger Ale and Capt. Morgan (tastes like cream soda, although I am sure this drink has a name, I am unaware of it)

    “Jello Juice”, which is cooked but not jelled Jello, which is good for when you are sick and can’t imagine drinking or eating anything.

    • Dave on bass says:

      I think that drink has been called The Captain’s Cream Soda – but it’s always been a lemon-lime soda in my experience. The MOST cream-soda taste I ever got from it was when the Cap was mixed with SURGE (the short-lived, Coke-made, Dew-alike).

      Note: I do drink capt&gingerale a lot, I just don’t think it’s as cream-soda-y as the others.

  134. SPOON - now with Forkin attitude says:

    pretzels with shrimp cocktail sauce with horseradish ground into it.

  135. tungstencoil says:

    Apple slices, generously salted. You won’t even believe how good it is.

  136. t0ast says:

    I was making what KFC now sells as their “Famous Bowl” about 15 years earlier while I was in grade school. I wouldn’t get a second glance today, but I certainly got a lot of weird looks and comments back then.

  137. SloppyJoe says:

    Mmm! Thanks to some time in South Africa, I love spek & piesang vetkoeks! That’s right, bacon & banana inside fried bread… Delicious!

  138. SlowRider says:

    Hot toasted strawberry Pop Tarts, unfrosted, with melted peanut butter on top. And a big glass of ice cold milk to wash it down. Ambrosia of the gods, I tell you.

  139. legolex says:

    Milk and Buttered Popcorn.

    I also can’t have Pizza without soda, love taking a bite of crust then a sip of Pepsi.

  140. Shmoodog says:

    Putting french fries on my cheeseburger or almost any other kind of sandwich that’ll come with fries, like a breaded chicken sandwich, or turkey club.

    I get crazy looks when I do this, and comments. I’ve only seen strangers do this a couple of times…once we were at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and my mom pointed out a guy doing this to his burger at a nearby table.

    I just think it adds a great flavor to the burger/sandwich, and I get tired of eating plain fries, so that way at least I’ll be sure to eat some of the fries on my plate.

  141. lifeispunny says:

    Dip Popcorn in Ranch Dressing, yum!

  142. tjytiedt says:

    Peanut butter on hamburgers and hotdogs. The peanut butter melts and it is so yummy. You have to watch out for drips.

  143. Tarceinus says:

    I put bacon on a bagel with strawberry cream cheese.

  144. Raj says:

    I stumbled on this completely by accident, yet no one believes me! They all think I’m some kind of demon worshiping food monster for even suggesting it, but my favourite sandwich is peanut butter and pickles.

    Good crunchy dill pickles (no garlic), baby dills work best, and a regular brand creamy peanut butter (crunchy peanut butter works well too, but not quite as good). The combination of sweet, tangy, salty, and peanutty is heaven, and everyone who’s been able to stomach a taste has agreed.

  145. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    American cheese and Bicks yum-yum pickle sandwiches

    Kraft mac & cheese with HP sauce

    Macadamia nuts and pepperoni (best if its a super hot pepperoni)

    I also like sliced cucumbers in my hot dogs

    When I was a kid, we had a neighbor who would mix brown sugar with butter and smear it on bread and have that as his breakfast

  146. km9v says:

    Mac & cheese w/ tuna & picante sauce.

  147. Rick Sphinx says:

    Ketchup on Mashed Potatoes (no different than on fries I say)
    Ketchup on buttered toast
    Ketchup as dip with potato chips, mmmmmm
    (yes I love ketchup).
    Creamed corn on mashed potatoes.
    French fries inside an hambuger
    Potato chips inside a peanut butter sandwich
    Ranch dressing as potato chip dip (must be refridgerated kind though, for the taste)

  148. sweaterhogans says:

    Ketchup. Most people have no idea how much it’s used in restaurants. Once in a while people will be over and see me in the process of cooking and they often freak out when they see me doing something strange like add ketchup to food. The biggest freakout was probably when I made hamburger pizza. But how can you get the full hamburger taste without it?

  149. gregpaul says:

    I like to eat Bugles snacks dipped in Peanut Butter

  150. ironflange says:

    When our daughter was little, she’d only eat hot dogs with peanut butter and honey on them.

    Wife and other daughter eat cheese dreams (open faced bacon and cheddar, broiled) covered in strawberry jam. And they think I’m weird when I put poached eggs and salsa on them.

  151. BuriedCaesar says:

    I had an unnatural taste for peanut butter and mustard sandwiches during my earlier years.

  152. webweazel says:

    I have two-

    Mayonnaise and potato chip sandwiches. Better tasting than you would think.

    Ramen noodles- when you cook them up, add some cooked chopped leftover chicken and/or chopped up vegetables. Then take one dill pickle slice, dice it up into the smallest pieces you can get and cook that in there for a minute. Really makes the difference!

  153. katyggls says:

    Since I was about 4 years old and saw it on an episode of Mr. Rogers (this would have been in like 1983 or 1984), I’ve been eating bananas with a slice of American cheese wrapped around them. It’s delicious. Nobody believes me. I’ve been struggling with this for 29 years. Please, I implore somebody reading this to go and try this right now and validate that this is in fact a delicious snack. I can’t be satisfied until I convince someone that this is a viable foodstuff.

  154. rtwest says:

    This thread is horrifying and I didn’t even get halfway through.

    I used to love to toast two frozen waffles and put a couple slices of sharp cheddar cheese in between them to make a sandwich. I also still love bacon and mayonnaise sandwiches.

    Once I put A1 sauce in my rice. It was alright. I also once (in high school) had cinnamon graham crackers topped with mashed potatoes. They actually weren’t too bad together.

  155. TacoDave says:

    I love peanut butter in tomato soup. And in chicken noodle soup too. Mmmmm.

  156. lihtox says:

    Chocolate milk and root beer: a poor man’s substitute for an ice cream float. :d

  157. Madaline_7 says:

    Bleu Cheese and Red Seedless Grapes

  158. Snip says:

    Monte Cristo sandwich. It shouldn’t be delicious. I don’t even like mayonnaise! But for some reason it works in this configuration.

  159. JoeXJoe says:

    At Waffle House I eat my hashbrowns with mushrooms, and pecans.

  160. Spaghettius! says:

    Tuna salad (canned tuna + mayo + diced onion) between two toasted blueberry waffles.
    It isn’t a totally amazing winning combination, but it is not in the least bit disgusting, and is in fact, pretty good.

  161. tokyomonamour says:

    Tuna salad and Doritos, with mustard sandwich. Heaven on a plate.

  162. mulch says:

    If you put jalapeño slices in Sprite, it tastes like ginger ale. Look, I got all the nouns in that sentence!

  163. bhost1 says:

    I like to stir together the following: mashed potates, pork gravy, succulent pork roast, french-cut green beans, white hominey, and the kicker… a big dollop of horseradish!