What Food Combinations Do You Love That Make People Think You’re Crazy?

It’s probably not a huge surprise to people that Taco Bell had a hit on its hand when it combined its sorta-tacos with Doritos. But not all food combinations sound as delicious when you try to describe them to folks.

Over at Reddit, someone suggests putting one drop of Tabasco sauce– no more, no less — in a glass of ginger ale.

“It greatly diminishes the syrupy flavor and makes it seem much drier,” explains the writer. “Add any more than one drop and you’re going to have a bad time.”

This has led to a discussion of other bizarre-but-awesome food combinations that no one believes until they try them.

For instance, there is the pinch of salt in chocolate milk, strawberry jam and cheddar cheese, and this one that Consumerist’s own Meg Marco decided to sample after reading: “Take a bite out of a strawberry, dip the strawberry in ground pepper, then bite again. The strawberry is much more juicy and the flavor comes out much more.”

Meg’s verdict:

It wasn’t as disgusting as it could have been. It actually made the strawberry taste like fake strawberry flavoring. Like super intense and odd. I did taste the pepper though. Maybe because the pepper was very coarsely ground… I would try it with a finer grind next time, but it was definitely not gross.

Speaking of black pepper, one of the most delicious things I ever ate was at a Quebec restaurant where they served slices of duck breast partially dipped in extremely dark chocolate and then dotted with three whole peppercorns.

So let us know about the food concoctions and combinations that you love but have trouble getting people to try. Maybe there’s a cookbook in this…

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