Don't Be Attacked By Criminals Posing As Comcast Techs

What’s worse than having a bad cable company tech wrecking your house? How about three men posing as cable techs who want to break into your house to rob and assault you?

A woman in Texas says she was at home on Tuesday afternoon when her power went out. She looked outside and saw a trio of men in what appeared to be Comcast uniforms in her yard.

So she stepped outside and was told that they were working on her cable connection. The homeowner went back into her house to check with Comcast, which also provides home security monitoring for the property, but one of the men slipped in behind her.

“So once I turned around, there he is with a gun in my face,” she tells Houston’s Channel 2.

That’s when they pushed the woman to the ground and allegedly began demanding drugs, cash and the keys to her Dodge Magnum, which apparently has some really pricey rims.

She was able to free herself long enough to yell out to a neighbor.

“I noticed that my front door was wide open,” she explains to KHOU-TV. “If I can get away I’m going to get away and run and that’s what I did.”

This move by their victim caused the three unwise men to flee without any of the stuff they’d gone to such lengths to steal.

“These fools left their gun,” says the woman.

Comcast has issued a statement reminding customers that “all official Comcast technicians are clearly identified not only by their clothing but also by an ID badge and a Comcast branded vehicle.”

We would also advise that you never open the door to any supposed cable tech or utility service person if you don’t have a preexisting appointment. If someone does show up unannounced, it should be easy enough to contact the company to confirm the need for the tech to be there.

Also, never provide these surprise guests with any account information. If they are at your house, they should not need you to tell them your account number or show any ID.

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