The Case Of The Newegg Investigation, The Missing Refund, And The Vanishing Unlocked Phone

Brian was really excited to open up and play with his new toy, an unlocked phone that he ordered on sale from Newegg. But the box arrived on his doorstep and…. no phone. The bluetooth headset that he had ordered was there, but not the phone. He grew impatient with Newegg’s investigation when the missing phone wasn’t his fault, and managed to get their customer service to do the right thing and get the phone into his hand, at the sale price. Only neither of their promised refunds–of the original purchase price, and of the difference between the original price and what Brian paid for the replacement phone–have come through.

A few weeks ago I ordered a new unlocked cell phone and blue-tooth headset from Newegg. I saw it had been delivered online and came home from work eager to play with my new toy.

I ripped open the box to find… the headset. I check online and there is only one tracking number. Somewhat disappointed, I check with their customer service via chat. They tell me there is only one number, and it should be in the box. The box sure didn’t look like it had been opened, and the amount of packing material makes something as large as a cell phone box being missing doubtful. I think they misspacked the box, but they quiz me on the condition of the box anyway.

Newegg offers that after a investigation that they can send out a replacement unit, but between the investigation and quoted shipping I’m looking at two weeks of waiting. I ask them to send another immediately and they can deal with the investigation. Newegg tells me they can only do this by refunding me that order and having me place a new order. However the phone is no longer on sale.

After quite of bit of arguing with them, they eventually agree to honor the original price by crediting me the difference once I email them that it has been received. The new phone arrives uneventfully, the email is sent, and I get a promise of a refund.
As of today, the deadline for both refunds has passed. I’m out $550. I feel like I’ve given Newegg a chance to make this right and they are dragging their heels. I’d like to avoid a charge back as I would really like to maintain a positive relationship with them.