FDA Still Not Sure Why Chinese Jerky Made 1,000 Dogs Sick

Pet owners think that we’re doing our pets a favor by purchasing treats for them that are just pure dried meat: no flour, no soy, no additives, just meat. But these treats may not be as healthy as they seem. Many dog owners claim that these treats have made their pets ill with problems ranging from diarrhea to kidney failure, and many animals have died. The Food and Drug Administration continues to investigate, even sending inspectors to the production facilities in China, but can’t determine what causes the illnesses.

The treat makers, which include pet food industry big names like Nestle Purina and Del Monte, won’t admit fault, but have given money to some pet owners if they drop their complaints.

“Following the evaluation, the veterinarian consultant concluded the symptoms experienced by the pet were not related to consuming Milo’s Kitchen chicken jerky treats,” a Purina representative told MSNBC.

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Illness In Dogs Traced To Chinese Chicken Jerky

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