Massachusetts Creates Fake Scam Websites To Warn People Of Real Scam Websites

Make a ton of money working from home! Lose weight by taking some fruit extract pills! Clear your debt today, guaranteed! Most of us know to give a wide berth to websites making promises like these. But the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation has decided the best way to educate the consumers is for the state to create its own slate of bogus sites that look eerily like real scam sites.

The repository for these pages, at, itself sounds a bit like something scammy. But that’s where you can find pages for products and services like Flabkiller, Envelope Elf, and ModExperts.

Clicking on any of the links on these bogus scam pages will take readers to a page providing more information on how to identify and avoid similar ruses.

“The Internet allows cyber criminals to get into your living room without even being in the country,” said Barbara Anthony, Undersecretary of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. “Every year consumers lose millions and millions of dollars to cyber-crooks in addition to something more important than money – their personal identity.”

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