There's A Used Condom In My Room. Does The Hotel Owe Me Anything?

David and his wife were staying in a hotel over the weekend, and their lovely room came with a complimentary used condom on the floor. The staff on duty at the time swapped them into a different room, and promised that someone in charge would contact them in the morning. And that was the last they heard about it. He wonders: did they deserve a discount on their bill, a comped night, or anything at all for their trouble?

My wife and I booked a hotel in Savannah this past weekend, a nice place on the river. We arrived and checked in with no problem and then went to the room to relax after spending four hours in the car. I was on the bed and my wife came over and sat on the edge next to me when she looked down and jumped back. I asked what was wrong, thinking maybe she saw a bug or something. No, not a bug but a used condom. Totally gross.

Now, some people I’m sure would snap a picture and take to the interwebs immediately, however that’s not our style so I went to the front desk to tell them what we discovered. The two ladies at the front desk were very apologetic and put us in a new room right away. One of the ladies then took my business card and said the manager would be calling me in the morning (Saturday) to discuss the situation. We never got a call, an email or even a message. No problem I thought, maybe the manager would say something when we checked out or leave a note on our bill or comp a night or something. Well, we check out and not a single person asks how our stay was, apologizes or even brings it up.

My question is this: Do you think they should have comped a night, both nights, or once we were given a new room should that have taken care of the situation? Also, should we leave a review on Yelp! or TripAdvisor? I’m not looking to scam free nights or anything but it just seems like they didn’t really care all that much about making sure the rest of our stay was nice and condom free. …and, to this point, we have not posted any reviews about our stay at this hotel or made the incident public in any way. The part that’s weird is that we really liked the hotel and its location and would probably stay there again when we go back.

So I ask for your feedback Consumerist Nation.

Note: this poll allows more than one choice on purpose.

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