Half Of Americans Think This Whole Facebook Thing Is Just A Passing Fad

Perhaps Facebook isn’t here to stay — at least based on the reactions of half of the country toward the seemingly super pervasive social network. About 50% of Americans think Facebook is just a passing fad, according to a new poll. It follows, then, in the build-up to its initial public stock offering, that half also say its expected asking price is too high.

A new Associated Press-CNBC poll found the shrug-ish reaction of half of America in its most recent survey. Also included in the results: More than 40% log in to Facebook to share news, personal observations and photos at least once a weekand around 900 million people around the world are users. Facebook’s revenue grew from $777 million in 2009 to $3.7 billion last year, and it’s expected to debut on Wall Street at around $100 billion.

About a third of those in the poll think that expected value makes sense, while around 50% say it’s too high. The younger adults who log on to Facebook every day are more willing to say Facebook is a good bet, at around 59% of adults under 35. Meanwhile, only 21% of senior citizens have an account on Facebook at all.

Even with the youngin’s digging Mark Zuckerberg’s product, just under half of adults, 46%, say Facebook’s timeline is short, and only 43% think it has staying power.

Half of Americans call Facebook a fad [Associated Press]

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