FedEx Punishing Me For Delivering Package Addressed To My Neighbor, Claims It Was Mine

Consumerist reader Kenneth is a pretty good neighbor. After all, he dropped off a misdelivered package FedEx left on his stoop to a house around the corner where it was actually supposed to be going. But that simple act of consideration has resulted in FedEx refusing to deliver what he was supposed to get in the first place.

Kenneth says he was waiting on a package on Friday, a Mother’s Day gift. And yes, he says he knows he waited until the last minute. When he came home, there was a package from FedEx there — but addressed to his neighbor.

So he took it upon himself to walk it over and drop it off before calling FedEx to report the mistake. He was told nothing could be done until Saturday because the driver had already left for the day. Fine and dandy, he said, since Saturday was still in time for Mother’s Day gifting.

They called me back on Saturday afternoon, and told me that the delivery guy said he delivered the correct package, and since I no longer had the wrong one, it was my word against his. I passed everything on to the company that shipped the gift, and they are dealing with FedEx now.

The moral of the story? If you get the wrong package from FedEx, hold it hostage until you get the right one… even if it means that two people are not getting their packages on time.

Come on, karma. This isn’t how you’re supposed to work.

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