Amazon Reportedly Set To Introduce Front-Lit Kindle In July

Since the introduction of the iPad, e-book fans have generally fallen into two camps — those who prefer the E Ink technology in Kindles and Nooks because it causes less eye strain and uses relatively low battery power; and those who prefer the backlit screens of tablet computers, which allow them to read without the need for a secondary light source. The Nook has come up with one possible solution, and now Amazon is reportedly set to launch a Kindle that would use a front-lit system to allow people to read in the dark.

Reuters has talked to sources that say Amazon is ramping up production on the new Kindle, which would still be monochrome — no color E Ink yet — but which would use a built-in front light source to solve one major gripe from Kindle users.

Of course, running that light will come at the expense of battery power, meaning you could no longer go weeks without charging your Kindle if you use the light.

Analysts tell Reuters to see a $10 uptick in the price for front-lit Kindles, but the source tells Reuters that the plan is to keep the price change minimal.

Amazon aims to launch front-lit Kindle in July [Reuters]

(Chuck Pepper Jr)

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