We Hope Redbox Customers Only Like Playing The First Half Of Max Payne 3

UPDATE: Redbox has issued a statement to Consumerist explaining why they are only renting out the first half of the game.

From Redbox:

Redbox kiosks are only equipped to rent out one disc per rental fee. Since customer feedback has told us that many of our game customers like to test out titles before they buy them, we’ve decided to offer Disc 1 of Max Payne 3 for Xbox 360 so that renters can try it out for a low daily rate. Disc 1 contains the entire online multiplayer mode and the first half of the extremely substantial single-player game. We think that’s a great deal for just a couple of dollars a day, and we’re excited to offer it! We’ve added a message on the website and on kiosk screens to let renters know about the limited game-playing.


Going back to the days of video stores, renting items on multiple discs or tapes has always presented a slight hassle. And for a company like Redbox where everything is handled through automated kiosks, it’s got to be even more complicated. But Redbox’s apparent solution for the upcoming video game Max Payne 3 just doesn’t make any sense to us.

This has apparently been kicking around some gaming forums for a couple weeks, but several readers have just now pointed us to the preview page for the game on Redbox.com, where it warns customers at the very top:


Which is all well and good if you only want to access the multiplayer portion of the game. But while we have no idea if this particular entry into the Max Payne canon has a great story, we imagine that people renting the game would at least want the chance to find out for themselves, rather than get halfway through it.

And as much as Redbox sticks that warning on the top of the page, we expect to receive more than a few complaints when the game is released May 15.

PlayStation 3 owners will take this moment to celebrate as the PS3 version of the game only requires one disc.

A quick search at Redbox for some other multi-disc Xbox 360 games either came up empty or available for PS3 only. So why would the company choose to release this particular game in such a half-baked manner?

We’ve asked Redbox for an explanation and will put it right here if and when they choose to reply.


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  1. clippy2.1 says:

    I don’t understand the idea of renting video games, especially per night. A movie? yeah you watch that in an hour or 2. A video game? Even the shortest single player games are still going to be at least 6-8 hours. Seems bizarre to me

  2. Driblis says:

    Haha this is unbelievable. Who greenlighted this idea?

  3. josephbloseph says:

    Do a lot of people redbox games to completion? I’ve only really considered redbox for games as far as trying a game out before buying it for $40-$60. Maybe that’s the market redbox is most concerned about, and the first disc may be enough of the experience.

    • The Porkchop Express says:

      I don’t game as much as I used to, but I would totally rent the first half of a game to see if I wanted to toss more money at it.

      What does redbox cost? couple bucks. Games are what now? $40 at least. Seems fair to try out the game.

    • amuro98 says:

      I don’t have too much of a problem with this… I mean at $2/night per game, it’s clear that Redbox is great for sampling a game, or perhaps playing through a very short game you wouldn’t normally buy.

      However if it’s clear I’m going to end up playing the game longer than 15 hours or so, I’ll just buy it. This way I won’t have the rental deadline hanging over my head so I won’t feel rushed.

  4. NickJames says:

    Well the game is 35GB on the PC. I guess Redbox doesn’t have a system in place to check out movies/games with dual discs.

  5. Scuba Steve says:

    I thought this was going to be about new Day one DLC that was requiring people to enter a code for part 2 of the story.

    Thankfully that hasn’t become a reality and this is actually about Redbox not using multiple discs.

  6. dush says:

    That’s weird, why wouldn’t they just rent out Disc 1 and Disc 2 separately. Get twice the money.

    I remember back when tv shows started coming out on DVD. Blockbuster would rent you the whole season of discs for one rental price. Pretty soon they got smart and started renting them per disc.

  7. Mark702 says:

    I’ll just do what I do for 95% of games I buy. I’ll buy games that released 1 or 2 years ago for $15 or so, and enjoy playing them for cheap and getting to build a nice library of 360 games. I’ve got 80+ already. I really liked getting New Vegas for $15, got 90 hrs of play out of that one. Some others only get 10-15 hrs of play, but that’s still about $1 an hour, very cheap yet very fun entertainment.

    • MaddenSci says:

      Indeed. I rarely pay more than ten bucks for a game. And because there are just so dang many that I know I’ll never play them again, I tend to sell them after I’ve played them through. Although I can’t seem to part with Fallout 3, Little Big Planet, or the Williams Pinball Arcade…

  8. Zer0.MediA says:

    That doesn’t really come across as a big deal to me.

    • JennQPublic says:

      It seems perfectly reasonable to me. The disclaimer is highly noticeable, if one doesn’t like the terms, then don’t rent it. I doubt 90% of renters would get to the second disc on a game like this anyway. If Redbox doesn’t want to sacrifice a slot in it’s machines for a disc no one will ever use, I can’t blame them. And people would complain even louder if they had the option to rent that second disc but had to pay a second rental fee.

      And talk about a first world problem…

    • Admiral_John says:

      Nor for me… it’s clearly indicated that you’re only getting one of the discs; if you don’t want to rent that way, either buy it or rent it from a brick-and-mortal rental store.

  9. Razor512 says:

    why not just make it a rent one, get a select other rental for free and the other rental will be limited only to the other disk, or disks of a multi disk set?

    or just have it put out 2 disks (send them out 1 at a time like how the machine already does)

    Why pay a rental fee for an extended demo, (a steep fee at that if you are paying daily for a game that you will not beat is one day)

    • xyzzyman says:

      I have no empirical data, and I don’t feel like searching google, but I would believe that most games that are purchased are never actually beaten/played through.

      • StarKillerX says:

        That was likely true when games took weeks to finish, and while I’m not sure about this one specifically, but many single player games can now be completed in 6 to 8 hours which I would think would increase the percentages of people completing the game.

  10. Jawaka says:

    Do they also offer the second disc as a separate rental? If so then it’s not the end of the world as long as the warning is clear and people pay the slightest amount of attention.

    • The Cupcake Nazi says:

      RTFA, no, they do not offer the second disc.

    • TrustAvidity says:

      I’m assuming not because there’s a large percentage of the people out there that refuse to read. Renting this one results in the game getting cut off which is one thing, but the other would be starting half way through and those people would be all “wtf?!” The mechanics are probably setup where you can only start a new file from the first disc.

  11. StatusfriedCrustomer says:

    I predict next year’s “Worst Company In The World” competitors will include 15 video game companies and one bank.

  12. Murph1908 says:

    This seems stupid.

    Disk 1 and 2 could simply be 2 different rentals. It’s not as if you are paying more this way. It’s still $2 a day whether you are playing disk 1 or disk 2. The only difference is that you are forced to go back to the redbox to get the second disk, and hope that it’s in stock.

    RB could even do something cool and give you the first day of disk 2 for free, as a way of saying, “Sorry we can’t give you both disks at once, and require you to make an extra trip.”

  13. bsh0544 says:

    May 15th? I’ll be playing… something else.

  14. ajaxd says:

    Really bad idea. Redbox should be prepared for some angry customers complaints. Yes, they put the warning on top but since when did people start paying attention?

  15. crb042 says:

    This explains why I couldn’t rent a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2! Oh, wait, no it doesn’t.

  16. phixional-ninja says:

    I’m actually really glad they’re doing this. I only ever rent games to get an idea of whether or not to buy it, and I dislike not being able to do that with multi-disc games. I would have saved a good chunk of money if I’d been able to play the first part of L.A. Noire and realize I could skip that purchase.

  17. technoreaper says:

    What’s the problem? No one can finish a videogame in a day. When they’re done, they can simply rent the next disc. Take this article down, it makes the Consumerist look stupid. BTW, who rents from Redbox to finish games? I rent it to try it out. I love that.

  18. Qolotlh says:

    So unless they are having thousands of disc 1 made specifically for Redbox where is disc 2? I mean if it’s from the box like at a store wouldn’t they have all the disc 2 sitting somewhere?

  19. farker says:

    So what are they doing with disc 2, throwing them away? Why not just have a similar explanation in big highlighted letters that disc 2 has the second half of the single-player game, and no multiplayer game?

  20. Kestris says:

    I’m curious as to how exactly they’re able to rent it when it’s not even being released until the 15th.

  21. Dyscord says:

    The justification makes sense for the most part. However I’ll stick with gamefly for my rental needs.