Reebok Finally Gives Free Shoes To America's Tallest Man After He Raised $37K

Remember the very very tall man who needed special shoes? Igor has foot problems, at over seven feet tall, and he couldn’t find shoes to fit. The shoes he needed cost $15K, money he didn’t have. But when his story came to light in March, well-wishers ended up donating $37K to his cause. Now Reebok is doing the right thing and offering him the shoes for free.

Today says Reebok announced that they fitted Igor for shoes at their headquarters in Canton, Mass. yesterday. Shoe engineers did scans, tests and measurements of his fee, and designers asked him how he wanted his shoes to look — all free of charge.

“Thank you so much to everyone who made this donation drive happen!!” Igor posted on his website. “I cannot believe my eyes at the amount and the generosity of the people. Thank you all.”

Even though Igor raised a lot of money on his own, Reebok says they’re glad to pitch in.

“When Igor came to us and we heard his story, we were more than happy to completely fund the creation of his footwear,” Reebok’s chief marketing officer Matt O’Toole said in a statement. “It is our goal to make fitness accessible to everyone.”

*Thanks for the heads up, Justin!

For tallest US man, the shoes finally fit (all $15K worth) [Today]

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