Park Putting All That Dog Poop To Good Use To Fuel Free Wi-Fi Service

There you are, just sitting on a park bench, with the smell of dog poo wafting toward your nostrils because someone didn’t bother to pick up after their pet. It would be great if that poo was gone. And it would also be great to be using free Wi-Fi to Tweet about how crappy it is that it smells like poo, wouldn’t it? A park in Mexico City is trying to solve both of those problems in one go, with poop-fueled free Wi-Fi.

Consumerist commenter catastrophegirl directed our attention to an interesting idea being bandied about over at CNET, wherein Mexican Internet provider Terra is working with ad agency DDB to offer free Wi-Fi in public parks. It’s called Poo Wi-Fi, of course.

The catch is, dog owners need to deposit poop in special bins in order to be get free Wi-Fi broadcast through doggy bone-shaped routers. The more poop that goes in the bins in 10 parks across the country, the more free Wi-Fi minutes you — and those around you — get.

The bins appear to have a scale that weighs the poop, so hopefully people won’t just put rocks or other stuff in to scam the system. Honor, people. Poo honor! During the day, eat least, staffers will be on watch at the bins to deter poo pretenders.

As catastrophegirl points out, maybe we could use this kind of thing in the U.S., especially at those apartment complexes with poo problems: “Perhaps some HOAs should use this for wi-fi around the condo complex.”

For free Wi-Fi, please deposit your dog poop here [CNET]

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