MasterCuts Gives You Bald Spot, Doesn't Tell You

Here’s the thing about the back of your head: you can’t see it. When Patrick stopped by his local Mastercuts to freshen up his ‘do, they stylist let him leave without mentioning the fresh new bald spot on the back of his head. And it was only his girlfriend who was bold enough to mention the problem, finally snapping the picture at left with a cell phone camera to prove it. Mastercuts employees insisted that he must have a medical condition that caused the spot. Nope.

It’s not the worst salon mishap that we’ve ever heard of, but it’s still annoying.

I needed a haircut and decided to head to the mall to get it cut at Mastercuts in [redacted]. I got the cut, paid and went home thinking nothing of it. A day or so later my girlfriend explained to me there was a patch of hair missing on the back of my head. I figured it was a small dot or the way the light was hitting my head. I didn’t even bother to look at first and just assumed it was nothing. She kept bringing it up so a few days later I told her to take my phone and snap a picture of the back of my head. When I saw the picture I was shocked. What the hell had they done?

How do you let some walk out of there without knowing they have a massive spot on the back of their head? I wish they would have just told me. I got the haircut because I knew I was meeting with new clients that week and had to walk into meetings feeling like a fool. I shot an email off to MasterCuts customer service and they explained to me a manager would be getting in touch with me. As expected I never heard from anyone.

A few days later I was cool about it knowing it was going to grow back in a few weeks. I went back to show the people working at MasterCuts who simply would not accept any blame for the patch. They attempted to convince me I had the condition ‘alopecia areata’ better known as spot baldness and it was “caused by stress.” Now I had added stress thinking maybe they were right and maybe I had spot baldness! Then they explained to me that sometimes alopecia areata turns alopecia universalis which is rapid loss of all hair! They also made it very clear that they were only stylists and that I should see a dermatologist!

Needless to say my hair all grew back within a few weeks and they simply could not admit they clipped the back of my head.

What strikes me as odd here is that every time I get my hair cut, the stylist has held a mirror up to the back of my head, angling it so that I can see the small mirror in the larger one and look at the back of my own head. Do they not do that for men’s haircuts?

If the hair grew back in just a few weeks, that doesn’t sound like alopecia areata. Hair lost to that condition takes, at minimum, a few months to grow back.

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