Amazon Getting Into The Business Of Making Its Own TV Shows

Amazon has already learned how to tie its own shoes, and now it wants to figure out how to have its own successful TV shows to offer on its streaming service. Netflix has its web shows already, so it seems it’s time for Amazon to catch up to the other kids.

It announced a new effort to develop comedy and children’s TV shows, to be shown on its video service, as part of a broader push to work on its own content, says Reuters.

It’s already the world’s largest Internet retailer, so the move to providing content directly to its millions of customers is a logical one. And because it really wants to please you, Amazon is asking for ideas from customers for TV series, on its Amazon Studios unit.

Amazon says it’ll option one new project per month and add it to a development slate where it will go on to be tested with an audience.

It’s been working on adding movies and TV from studios, but this way, bringing content in from scratch, could save Amazon some money.

So far, since November 2010, Amazon Studios has received more than 700 test movies and 7,000 scripts, with 15 movie projects under development.

Amazon unveils effort to develop original TV shows [Reuters]

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