Survey Says Millennials Ditch Brand Loyalty In Search For Lowest Price

Who has time to keep up with which brands are the coolest when you’re trying to make ends meet? That’s how millennial shoppers — those between the ages of 18 and 34 — are feeling, according to a new survey. Doesn’t matter what the name on the styrofoam cup of high-sodium soup says, as long as it’s cheap and edible.

In a survey done by WSL Strategic Retail, 25% of millennials say they don’t have enough money to cover even their basic needs. When you get to the 35-54 age group, only 17% say the same, and 13% are having a rough go over the age of 55, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Because of that struggle to make ends meet, it seems millennial shoppers just don’t give a darn about which brands they’re buying, and instead are focused on hunting down the lowest prices. The survey found 80% of nearly 2,000 respondents think it’s vital to score the lowest price, and 60% will choose a cheaper item over their favorite band.

In order to score the best deals on ramen and other life necessities, 57% research products online for discounts before shopping, and 63% stick with brands and stores they know they can afford. So that’s kind of like brand loyalty?

Hard-hit millennials less likely to be brand loyal, study finds [Chicago Tribune]

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