Report: Pervy Employees At German Supermarket Chain Secretly Filmed Female Shoppers

Guess what? America isn’t the only country where store employees get a kick out of secretly spying on customers. According to a new report out of Germany, managers of several supermarkets of the Aldi discount chain have been filming female shoppers as they bend over refrigerators, reach for stuff on shelves and walk around stores.

Germany’s Spiegel (via Jezebel) says they’ve obtained information detailing the secret camerawork at Aldi stores, which also included cameras at cash registers and payment card readers.

Spiegel says the footage taken by branch managers at various locations focused on female customers shopping in short skirts and low-cut tops. The videos were then burned onto CDs and handed out to other staff members, says the report.

Other cameras were installed in areas where staff don’t come into contact with any customers, and without signs posted to alert people to surveillance.

Aldi Süd manages the stores, and wouldn’t comment on the specific case, but did say that mobile cameras “are only used to protect our staff, customers and suppliers from dangerous situations and hold-ups, for preventive purposes and to protect property.”

Aldi also has stores in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Aldi Store Managers Secretly Filmed Female Shoppers [Spiegel]

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