FCC Approves Transfer Of AT&T Spectrum To Its Former Flame T-Mobile

In the telecommunications world, the transfer of spectrum is sort of like alimony for a relationship that didn’t quite work out. The Federal Communications Commission has approved just such a gift from AT&T to T-Mobile, which was a condition of their failed merger. No word on who got the house in Aspen.

T-Mobile will be sitting pretty with its new acquisition, which will give it Advanced Wireless Systems spectrum in 128 cellular markets, including the 12 of the top 20, says PCMag.

“We applaud the FCC for acting swiftly to approve the transfer of these spectrum licenses,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer for T-Mobile USA. “Securing this additional spectrum was a key catalyst for our plans to launch LTE in 2013 and is therefore good news for our customers.”

T-Mobile has plans to roll out its 4G LTE network next year, something it can do in part to the new spectrum and money it got from the breakup with AT&T.

Perhaps not coincidentally, according to CNET, T-Mobile launched its “Magenta Deal Days” program today to entice customers to trade in their old phones for new 4G smartphones. Which means having a 4G-capable phone before there’s even 4G capability on that network, but whatever, right?

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T-Mobile’s trade-in promotion program beings today [CNET]

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