KFC Ordered To Pay $8.3 Million For Chicken That Poisoned Girl To The Point Of Brain Damage

A bellyache after a bucket of chicken is one thing, but in the case of a little girl who fell ill with salmonella poisoning after eating at KFC, things are a lot more serious. The fast food chain has been ordered to pay $8.3 million to the Australian girl’s family after she suffered severe brain damage after being poisoned by a “Twister” wrap from KFC in 2005.

BBC News says the girl was in a coma for six months after she, her parents and brother all fell ill with vomiting and diarrhea after sharing the wrap, but that her other family members recovered.

The poisoning left the girl wheelchair-bound and unable to speak. A judge ruled that KFC had breached its duty of care to the girl when handing over the $8 million in damages.

The family’s lawyer says they’re relieved, as her disability has exhausted what limited resources they had. It’s specially tough since she’s getting older and bigger and it’s harder to lift her and take care of her siblings as well.

KFC says it is “deeply disappointed” by the decision and will repeal, claiming evidence doesn’t prove that it caused her disability. A company manager said KFC feels deeply for the girl and her family, “However, we also have a responsibility to defend KFC’s reputation as a provider of safe, high-quality food.”

KFC must pay $8.3m to poisoned girl in Australia [BBC News]


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  1. MrMagoo is usually sarcastic says:

    At least she didn’t…

    kick the bucket.

  2. hotpocketdeath says:

    Good thing she’s in Australia. If she had sued in the US, she wouldn’t get even a 1/4 of that money.

    • Mr. Spy says:

      What America do you live in? People get away with murder here. Literally and figuratively.

      • hotpocketdeath says:

        I live in the America that is documented in the movie Hot Coffee.

        Part of the movie talks about Tort Reform which in part places caps on the amount of money a plaintiff can be awarded in a lawsuit.

        I highly recommend watching it sometime and it might change your mind on making these kinds of comments.

        • themonkrat says:

          2nd. That movie is really eye-opening to what exactly tort reform is.

          They do talk about the McDonald’s coffee case too. I couldn’t even look at the woman’s burned crotch skin. It was black and bubbly and the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. And all the woman wanted was money for medical bills (I believe it was sometihng like $4,000).

  3. wickdchameleon says:

    The last line is a gem
    The family’s lawyer told the court that at busy times, the restaurant would reuse chicken that had been dropped on the floor.

  4. Doubting thomas says:

    How does she know it was from the wrap? Also if it was from the wrap did they eat it right away in the restaurant or did it sit in a hot car, then on a hot counter for an hour?
    Obviously we do not have all the facts here, and these facts might have been proven in court, but working in the food service industry you hear about 3 calls a week saying something at your place made them sick. Most times it has to be B.S., So you and 40 other people ate the same food from the same batch and you are the only one who got sick?

    • crispyduck13 says:

      I guess you missed that sentence that described how her entire family who dined together on the KFC food became violently ill shortly afterward??

      • Actionable Mango says:

        You’re missing his point. If multiple families who all ate at KFC got sick, that’s pretty clear evidence. But a single family could have theoretically got it anywhere, including at home via cross-contamination or undercooked meat.

        Unfortunately the story doesn’t mention what evidence there is, but it appears that there is indeed sufficient evidence for the judge to blame KFC.

      • jebarringer says:

        I guess you missed the sentence where the family supposed all “shared the wrap”… meaning only ONE wrap was apparently contaminated.

    • Republicrat says:

      These are good questions. The question I would ask would be why didn’t anyone else get sick that day? If *one* serving of chicken happened to be contaminated, why wouldn’t other servings served to other customers have the same problem and thus also have victims to come forward?

    • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

      This. One of my closest friends went on a trip with her husband and he got sick in the middle of the night. She said he had food poisoning. She just assumed it. I knew that it was most likely a stomach bug. When they got home, her children, who did not go on the trip came down sick with the same symptoms, as did she 48 hours later. Not food poisoning.

      It seems that others who ate at the restaurant would have come down ill (besides the family.) And, without a sample of the food, how do they know it wasn’t something else they all had at home?

    • theconversationalist says:

      I don’t call the restaraunt when we get sick and think it was their fault. I call the health department and explain that we were made sick and request an inspection. 100% of the time so far, the inspection results in at least 1 major violation.

    • farker22 says:

      obviously it was established in the court case – wtf u think?

  5. regis-s says:

    KFC says it is “deeply disappointed” by the decision and will repeal

    I bet they wish they could “repeal” that decision.

  6. Blueskylaw says:

    Well done Colonel Sanders.

  7. Auron says:

    ….liberal bias…..MB needs to stop posting her liberal agenda……liberals have no place in the media…..

    /s (in case ya can’t figure it out)

    • Press1forDialTone says:

      Yeah, we get it Auron. But I think it is really -you- who have no place
      in the media and bring on more liberal bias in the media!!

  8. Bunnies Attack! says:

    I can’t get over the fact that 4 people shared a wrap. Hot damn, in America that’s like 1/4 of a meal.

    • Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

      Times are hard, dammit! Didn’t you read the article earlier about parents splitting their meal with children instead of getting kids meals?

    • dolemite says:

      In Australia, it’s a meal for 4 people, in the US, it’s 1/2 of a meal for one person.

    • dks64 says:

      That’s exactly what I thought. They shared 1?

  9. Jawaka says:

    “However, we also have a responsibility to defend KFC’s reputation as a provider of safe, high-quality food.”

    The half dead little girl in the wheelchair would probably argue this claim, if she was able to speak that is.

  10. gman863 says:

    “However, we also have a responsibility to defend KFC’s reputation as a provider of safe, high-quality food.”

    Uh…maybe they could start by not poisoning people?

  11. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I believe it. I got sick twice off KFC food. The first time, I wasn’t sure it was the food. I went back to the same restaurant a month later and got sick again. There was no other explanation, and in between I was fine. That’s when I knew. I have not set foot in a KFC since, nor will I.

    I hope this helps them out some. That poor little girl.

    • jebarringer says:

      “That’s when I knew.”
      It’s cute how the layperson thinks they understand controlled conditions… especially since millions of people eat at KFC all the time and don’t get sick, and likely dozens ate food from the exact same batch you did and didn’t get sick.

  12. 2 Replies says:

    “It’s specially tough”

    …or did you have lunch at KFC?

  13. Not Given says:

    Isn’t this the same chain that fired people who refused to use green chicken?

  14. Latentius says:

    I’d really like to know more of the medical details on this. How the heck do you go from vomit and diarrhea to brain damage? I guess if you let it go on for long enough, there could be such serious consequences, but aren’t we at the point of medical technology where we could handle this type of situation well before it go to that point?

    Just curious how it could get that far…

    • cbutler says:

      This what I thought as well. As a young boy I got food poisoning from an eatery along with my cousin. We both had chicken fingers. We were sick, had diahrea and were pretty bad off. The remedy? Parents gave us diarrheal medicine along with plenty of hydrating fluid. It wore off after three or four days. What the hell would cause brain damage over this? Sever dehydration? If so, parent fail. If not, still, seeing your kid vomiting or having diahrea to an extent should be hospitalized. I almost want to defend KFC on this. I’m not medical expert but I have a hard time believing you can receive brain damage over a stank chicken wrap with proper over the counter remedial medicines.

      • EarthAngel says:
        • Latentius says:

          Sure, that’s a remote possibility, but note in your own link where it says it primarily affects infants and immunodeficient adults.

          Either way, it’s bacterial, so antibiotics would be able to stop it before it got too severe, right?

          I’m just curious, since neither the post nor the source article mention how old the girl was, whether or not the family sought out medical attention in a timely manner, etc. There just aren’t any details, which would go a long way in helping others to avoid such a fate in the future.

          • Dieflatermous says:

            Salmonella is extremely difficult to treat once it’s entered the bloodstream, especially in children, with a broad-spectrum antibiotic. By the time the actual strain (and proper narrow-spectrum antibiotic) is identified the damage is done, as samples have to be cultured, and for cultures to even be ordered you have to have more than just food poisoning symptoms.

            If you’ve never had to take ceph or another heavy-duty broad-spectrum you have no idea how the cure can be worse than the cause in a typical case, which also makes doctors hesitant to order it. This was an atypical case but it’s impossible to know that until it’s too late.

            It is incredibly sad and why we have such high standards for foods, which this restaurant admittedly did not follow — so many people die if they are not properly followed, or we wouldn’t spend all that time and money enforcing them.

    • majortom1981 says:

      Its called the virus or bacteria going to your brain. I havebeen in 3 very bad comas (2 of them i was supposed to die from and mother was the only thing that stopped them from pulling the plug) . The first one they said was caused by the flu virus going to the brain.

      If the virus or bacteria travelled to her brain it can cause severe brain damage or even death.

  15. Krystal says:

    There just has to be more to the story. I mean, how could only ONE family get so ill? Couldn’t the disease possibly be traced to one of the family members, who spread it to the others, since they were all taking bites of the same wrap?

  16. KFW says:

    appeal or repeal? Editing???

  17. dicobalt says:

    “KFC’s reputation as a provider of safe, high-quality food.”

    … If they had only left the “high-quality” part off they would have sounded more credible. What what a shame.