Monsanto Blamed For Bee Population Collapse, So It Buys Bee Research Firm

If you can’t beat’em, why not buy’em? Biotechnology giant Monsanto has had the collective finger pointed at it for a lot of things, including the apparent collapse of the bee population. So instead of fighting off skeptics, it just decided to buy out Beeologics, a major international research firm devoted to studying and protecting bees.

Natural News says Beeologics made the announcement that as of September 28, 2011, the company is part of Monsanto. Beeologics was devoted to studying colony collapse disorder (CCD) and Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV) to try and find out how to intervene and stop bees from dying off.

Critics of Monsanto are worried that it will avoid CCD and IAPV, since they’re big on genetically modified organisms, and will deny any link between the bee deaths and the GMO technologies and chemicals it employs.

“Monsanto will use the base technology from Beeologics as a part of its continuing discovery and development pipeline,” says the announcement. “Biological products will continue to play an increasingly important role in supporting the sustainability of many agricultural systems.”

Which could mean using more chemicals to fight the bee collapse, when chemicals may have had a part in the deaths in the first place. Poor bees. We like our honey.

Recently in other Monsanto news: Organic Farmers Appeal Lawsuit To Preempt Monsanto From Suing Them

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Monsanto buys leading bee research firm after being implicated in bee colony collapse [Natural News]


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  1. CommonSense(ಠ_ಠ) says:

    Nothing says you are guilty like buying the research company that says you are at fault.

  2. coujo says:

    somehow, i can see honey farmers being sued by Monsanto for having honey created by Monsanto bees that have infected they’re hives… =0

  3. crashfrog says:

    Boy, Monsanto can’t win with you guys. Here’s the same headline in an alternate universe: “Monsanto finally taking colony collapse seriously; acquires biotechnology firm devoted to addressing it.”

    Zero link, of course, between the use of GMO technologies and CCD. Ask an entomologist next time.

    • SeattleSeven says:

      I’m glad we are finally comfortable with calling fox news an alternate universe.

    • OutPastPluto says:

      You remind me why Bush2 caused me to finally develop some respect for Richard NIxon. He formed the independent environmental protection agency that Bush2 eventually gutted. You can’t even blame that on “politics” since Nixon is as much of a Republican as either Bushes were.

      Some things go beyond politics and go straight into utter mindlessness.

      It would be really nice if you could have your own little fantasy land so the rest of us don’t have to suffer.

    • Sound Money Girl says:

      A connection between GMO products and CCD, no, but a connection between “the chemicals it employs” and CCD, yes, there is a proven link. The “chemicals it employs” are pesticides like Round-up, which has been connected to CCD.

      • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDave‚Ñ¢ says:

        Round-up is an HERBICIDE that is used to control weeds, so they try to spray it mostly on the weeds and as little as they can on the crop plant to conserve. The roundup ready gene protects if some overspray gets on the crops. Blame the US Patent system for the recent explosion in use as the patent on Roundup expired over a decade ago.

      • MrEvil says:

        Round-up ready plants don’t produce the herbicide they’re engineered to be resistant to the herbicide. Monsanto created those seed varieties to continue to make money off of Glyphosate, whose patent expired several years ago. Plus nobody sprays Roundup on crops that late in the season. Roundup is mainly used early on before the crop plants are big enough to choke out the weeds.

      • sharki3232 says:

        Cite, please?

    • Jimmy60 says:

      One of the big Monsanto crops around here is Canola (formerly known as rape seed). Guess what? Canola is a flowering plant that needs bees. Whether they caused it or not Monsanto needs bees.

      I view this as good news as they have money, expertise and a need to solve the problem.

    • MutantMonkey says:

      You got a couple people to respond. I guess this counts as a successful troll.

      Good job?

    • PSUSkier says:

      Hey, you were the one that was all jerking off for Monsanto in the earlier threads too. Word of advice: if you’re going to be a corporate shill, shuffling your user name gives you a hare more credibility.

    • GrammatonCleric says:

      If Monsanto really cared why not just donate to the firm and allow them to remain independent and unbiased?
      Also, cool source Consumerist.

      • crashfrog says:

        Oh, come on. If Monsanto made a huge cash grant to Beeologics, you’d come in here and call it a bribe to shut them up. If they ignored them altogether, you’d come in here and say it was evidence that Monsanto didn’t care about colony collapse disorder.

        Don’t even pretend like there’s anything they could do that you wouldn’t try to spin into some kind of nefarious conspiracy theory.

    • dolemite says:

      That’s a line like “Emperor states there may be something to declining Jedi population; buys Jedi Temple”.

    • rushevents says:

      Funny thing – those that disagree with you don’t argue with much logic.

      Nope they pull out the big guns… “Name calling”

      Examples from this thread include: “corporate shill” (who enjoys jerking off), Emperor Palpatine, Troll, and of course the ultimate insult… “Bush2”

  4. Blueskylaw says:

    “Monsanto will use the base technology from Beeologics as a part of its continuing discovery and development pipeline”

    ::::::::::::::::::::BREAKING NEWS::::::::::::::::::::

    A division of Monsanto, the former company known as Beelogics, has discovered definitive proof
    that GMO technologies and chemicals that Monsanto produces is NOT the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder.

  5. thezone says:

    The pollen on the bees is owned by Monsanto and the nectar they drink is too. Now all honey will be claimed by them.

    • UberGeek says:

      So the next step is, “All your bees are belong to us,”???

      • thezone says:

        It only makes sense. The bees eat the honey. You are what you eat therefore the bees are honey therefore they are owned by Monsanto. But wait… I eat honey…..oh no!

      • CubeRat says:

        …then we will not need to worry about them not looking for the cause, as if all the bees die, their crops and honey will cease to exist.

        Bees lose, farmers win, monsanto lose, people lose, animals lose, bacteria win

      • Blueskylaw says:

        I think you accidentally a word.

  6. neilb says:

    In other news, McDonalds buys obesity research center, RJ Reynolds buys cancer research institute, and Walmart buys local business council.
    If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em.
    Next thing, we will hear that big pharma is allowed to manage their own efficacy trials!

  7. galm666 says:


  8. Collaborator says:

    I’m starting to think The Consumerist should change their name to The Corruptionist, as half the stories posted on a daily basis only serve to show how virtually every aspect of society has fallen to hopeless corruption.

  9. feistydonut says:

    While I believe this to be an evil act which will screw us all over at some point, bee pollination does a large portion of the work for farmers all over the world. It’s somewhere in the billions of dollars of bee-labor so they actually do have an interest in halting and reversing the colony collapse.

    • crispyduck13 says:

      No, they have an interest in building a genetically mutated bee that can withstand the Monsanto herbicides. Or maybe artificial pollinators, swarms of tiny robotic bugs that can replace bees all together!

      In my mind they are pure evil, so I can’t think they bought out these shmucks in order to continue and build on their hard work.

  10. jebarringer says:

    “Natural News says”
    Well, there’s your problem.

  11. Halfabee says:

    Between all of the morality plays and cautionary tales, everything you need to know can be found in episodes of the Star Trek franchise. In the TNG episode “Unnatural Selection”, children with genetically engineered immune systems became toxic to their parents. Now we have crops that me be killing off the insects that perpetuate their own species.

    • crashfrog says:

      “Between all of the morality plays and cautionary tales, everything you need to know can be found in episodes of the Star Trek franchise.”

      There’s no such thing as gay people and interracial marriage is only ok if both aliens are white?

      • Conformist138 says:

        Actually, there are “gay” people, though it’s not quite put that way- off the top of my head, there was the planet of asexual people where some people wanted to express what they felt was their gender but were forbidden. As for interracial marriage, there were plenty of hints and flirtations regarding Troy and Worf, and Chief O’Brian marries Keiko during the show and they have a baby.

        It’s not a flawless show, but those things you mentioned aren’t really true.

    • ShadowJack says:

      Don’t worry DS9 and Voyager covered all the rest of the bases.

  12. VashTS says:

    Bet this doesn’t make the eleven 0′ clock news.

    Sweep under rug, talk about celebs, talk about Kim Kardashian, talk own programming, give pre-scripted opinion that someone above them wrote and approved, praise Obama, pretend that being gay isn’t an issue to them and pretend to publicly accept gay marriage, sports, joke to end the show.

  13. Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

    Old news according to the date. Why couldn’t you guys get me outraged earlier?

    On a completely unrelated topic, last weekend I saw two of the most humongous honey bees I have ever seen. We have some large bumblebees but these things were the orange-yellow color and even larger. No, I don’t think they are Monsonto frankenbees.

    • RandomHookup says:

      OMG, are they the “killer bees” we keep hearing about.


      • Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

        I nearly did. Two very loud bees the size of hummingbirds hovering over me and not easily frightened off. I was able to bring one down with my wash cloth but the carcass was lost in the bushes. I want a better look at it; It was the biggest bee I have ever seen.

  14. bobloblaw says:

    y’all have any idea about GMO’s to begin with? aside from the environmental impact, aside from what they do to farmers who don’t buy their product… GMO’s are nutritionally inferior due to the very nature of how glyphosate behaves and kills weeds is to prevent nutrients from reaching the plant. FYI, soy has the highest levels of glyphosate residuals – so avoid if your male or female and want to someday get pregnant.

    google dr don huber or read

  15. SilverBlade2k says:

    so..according to Monsanto…if a company blames you, you basically buy them out to shut them up.

  16. Hungry Dog says:

    I see a opening for a job idea, professional pollinators. Granted the pay would be very low but having a bunch of folks wandering around with q-tips and hitting up as many flowers on everything as possible. I see this working out well.

  17. Coyoty says:

    All your bees are belong to us.

  18. DonnieZ says:

    Maybe the bees just got subpoenaed by Monsanto for carrying pollen that carries the Monsanto gene, and the bees just had to split town to avoid prosecution.

  19. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDave‚Ñ¢ says:

    Yawn, besides being ~8 months old, a few studies have shown that it’s Bayer’s chemicals which could be contributing to CCD. It’s smart of Monsanto to make sure their plants DON’T harm bees.

    Also, should we think that since Consumer Union bought Consumerist, that Consumer’s Union has something to hide?

  20. winstonthorne says:

    It would feel really great to see Monsanto go down in flames. Some of their business practices are flat-out evil, and suggesting that their systemic pesticides aren’t harming bees is a bit like suggesting OJ is innocent.

    THAT SAID, it doesn’t really matter who is causing CCD – it’s what we’re going to do about it NOW. If Monsanto can use some of their ill-gotten gains to help mend the damage they caused, I’m not going to stand in their way, and if they simultaneously cover up their involvement I’ll still be happy just to see the problem fixed. As other commenters pointed out, they need bees to stay in business, so they should be able to do something.

  21. SoCalGNX says:

    Another reason why corporations need to have limits.

  22. DerangedKitsune says:

    Yet another instance showing just how utterly evil a company Monsanto is.

  23. Awesome McAwesomeness says:

    Now we just need to wait for Montsanto to patent all bees and sue anyone who has a plant pollinated by a bee.

  24. JollyJumjuck says:

    No surprise here. Oil companies did this decades ago when a small company had promising research into alternative fuels. Society would be much further along toward an alternative to fossil fuels by now, had these companies in the past not bought the research and then buried it.

  25. Harry Greek says:

    Monsanto then dragged Burt Shavitz (of Burt’s Bees) into an alley and beat the crap out of him.

  26. OMG_BECKY says:

    Huh? BAYER (evil company) and their poison “Gaucho” has been found to be responsible for the bee collapse. There’s an entire documentary about it on Netflix, Vanishing of the Bees. Once some European companies banned the use of Gaucho, their bee populations came back. Bayer is fucking evil! I should know, I’m crippled due to one of their other poisons–Cipro. Twelve pills did me in. Haven’t walked in three years.

  27. mcgyver210 says:

    Monsanto = “EVIL” IMO that is

  28. Mad Monk says:

    Adam Smith said capitalism does not work/or fails without moral guidelines. Corporations don’t have a soul let alone morals.