Asus: No, Your Tablet Is Totally Supposed To Draw Jagged Lines

Sita’s Asus tablet cost about $1,400, and the purpose of it was so she could work on her art wherever she happens to be. She has this crazy idea in her head that to serve that purpose, the tablet should let her draw smooth lines. Or at least lines that don’t look like a seismograph during an extremely minor earthquake. Asus doesn’t agree, and they insist that there’s nothing wrong with the tablet.

In May of last year, my boyfriend bought me the EP121 Asus tablet. He bought the upgraded version, with more ram and a larger hard drive, preordering it from Newegg. It was a gift so that I could take my art with me. I would like to stress that it was intended for art.

Anyway, about four months in, mid stroke, the tablets lines became jagged. To better illustrate, I’ve attached a screenshot. The left is what they look like now, and the right is from my wacom tablet, and what they looked like before.


It has been eight months, with only two emails of troubleshooting followed by two RMA trips and Asus tech support has decided that nothing is wrong with it. They sent an email that after reviewing the tablet, they found no problems. A line drawn with a ruler is as jagged as a heartbeat monitor, but apparently nothing is wrong.

I have a custom built desktop with an Asus motherboard, Asus graphics card, Asus Monitor, an Asus Router, heck I even have an Asus DVD Drive, I am a HUGE fan of Asus, but after this, after 1400 dollars wasted on a tablet I cannot reliably draw with anymore? The one and only thing we bought it for?

I am never buying an Asus product again.

Asus has lost a long time customer.

We don’t have any current contacts for getting help from ASUS other than this info-packed post from 2008. But sending a letter about your shattered customer loyalty


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  1. Marlin says:

    I think you for got to add…

    “consumers willing to admit that they can’t read a” product review and actually think a company should be honest.

    /Laura Northrup

    • RvLeshrac says:

      The law compels companies to be honest in advertising. This is why the FTC exists, to field these complaints.

  2. Blueskylaw says:

    It’s a PICASSO, I’ll give you one millio…, wait, no, I’ll give you 100 BILLION dollars!!!

    Dr. Evil

  3. ThunderRoad says:

    How long ago did you buy it? Your credit-card may extend the warranty period. Otherwise, I’d seriously small-claims it. If you can demonstrate to the court that a rule-drawn line is jagged like that, it should be a slam-dunk.

    • Jawaka says:

      Even if the credit card company covered the cost to get it repaired who would you send it to to have it fixed since Asus doesn’t believe that it’s broken in the first place?

  4. MonkeyMonk says:

    I’ve played around with one of these tablets and something is DEFINITELY wrong with yours. I’m not sure why Asus is giving you the runaround.

    • dwtomek says:

      Because the tech monkeys likely turned it on, started a few apps, did some general stuff and decided it was fine. I don’t imagine testing for line accuracy is part of the troubleshooting script, though it certainly should be when that is what the ticket is specifically for.

  5. Gravitational Eddy says:

    I’d say the anti-smudge coating on the glass has become too dirty or is starting to wear off.
    That sucks, but as I remember, even Apple says that the coating (on an IPad or IPhone) WILL wear off in time and there’s nothing you can do about it.
    There’s nothing like the slow failure of a new technology to make the point that nothing lasts forever…

  6. infinityspiral says:

    I have one and it doesn’t do anything like this. Does it still do this if you disable “use finger as input device” ? Sometimes if you have your hand touching the screen while the pen is also touching the screen it gets confused. When I’m drawing I turn the touch input off.

  7. scoutermac says:

    When my dvd drive on my ASUS laptop would randomly pop open it took me two weeks of calling ASUS tech support and harassing them to send me a replacement. Then they required me to give them a credit card number in case I did not return the defective part and I had to pay for shipping myself to return the bad part. I think they have great hardware overall but their customer service sucks.

    • scoutermac says:

      I also had to replace my keyboard because a key fell off and ASUS refused to cover it under the “Accidental Damage” warranty. So I ordered it and the box they put it in was not wide enough, so they bent the keyboard to fit it into the box. I was able to bend it back and it still works today.. but that was enough for me to decide to never buy anything ASUS again.

  8. jessjj347 says:

    This may be a dumb question for OP, but OP, are you sure that the settings in whatever drawing program are correct? For example, in Flash, jagged lines like that are the default.
    Did you just upgrade software, OS, etc? Switch to a different drawing program?

    • kerry says:

      The OP says it happened “mid-line,” which leads me to believe it’s not the result of a change in software settings, but probably a hardware problem with the touchscreen.

  9. Naked-Gord-Program says:

    I generally LOVE Asus products and usually would choose them specifically over other companies (motherboard, netbook) however after reading consistently poor warranty support stories here and on other sites I think I’m done paying the extra for Asus.

    Might as well go with cheap Acer if there’s nobody standing behind the quality for the extra money spent.

    • scoutermac says:

      Apparently the people that started ASUS left Acer to form ASUS.

      “Asus was founded in Taipei in 1989 by T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and M.T. Liao,[8] all four having previously worked at Acer as computer engineers.” – Source:

  10. Captain Spock says:

    If it worked for 4 months, now doesn’t, and ASUS says nothing is wrong, perhaps the stylus is bad?

    • The_IT_Crone says:

      Yeah it really sounds like it’s stylus or software. Has she tried reloading the OS, making sure all drivers are updated, etc.

      Hardware manufacturers aren’t going to troubleshoot your software for you because by this point it is going to be FAR beyond factory image. They’ll determine if the hardware is fine, then you need to do the legwork.

  11. deathbecomesme says:

    Cue the “Asus support is going down the drain” comments. I am still running my Asus A8N SLI mobo for 6 years strong with BIOS updates

    • scoutermac says:

      Sadly enough the hardware seems pretty rock solid. Support sucks but it sucks from other companies too like Samsung, Sony, Dell, etc.

    • ClemsonEE says:

      It is. If you were to have a glitch in your BIOS update (which you shouldn’t even update unless if you NEED to) and were to contact their support, then you would have a problem. No one is saying they don’t keep their firmware up to date, that is a different type of support all together.

  12. OldSchool says:

    File a small claims case and report the matter to your state’s AG as a faiure to honor the warranty.

  13. scoutermac says:
  14. PunditGuy says:

    I’d definitely try a backup/factory reset before anything else. That would rule out whether some software or update caused a conflict. If that doesn’t work, looks like a hardware problem.

  15. GMFish says:

    Asus tablet cost about $1,400

    I think I figured out where the mistake occurred. You spent $1,400 on an Asus tablet. Yeah, that’s definitely where the problem started.

  16. headhot says:

    Sites do review touch screen accuracy. It is a bit of a big deal.

  17. Captain Quack says:

    just went through the same kind of problem. Asus motherboard bought late Dec. started having problems early January. (physically melted a thumb drive and I am pretty sure it fried the USB connection on my smartphone). they finally RMA’d it end of Feb. the replacement board wouldn’t boot video. sent that back. they checked it out “on 2 test benches”. said it worked fine. then they forgot to return it to me. 2 weeks later I finally got hold of a new rep. took him a week and a half to talk to supervisors. then 2 weeks later they issue a new RMA and send me a board that works. that arrived April 20. at least it works now.

  18. BigDragon says:

    I have an EP121 sitting next to me. The vast majority of the time it does not behave like Sita’s tablet does. However, there are times where it does something similar. This normally happens because it’s busy processing other things and the tablet input gets delayed or broken up. Reducing the number of background programs and services as well as elevating the priority of art software can help quite a bit. It may be time for a reformat. It’s likely something nasty is running in the background.

  19. axiomatic says:

    OP, I feel your pain. ASUS does in fact make good products. Unfortunately sometimes products go bad and ASUS is very well known for their terrible customer support. RMA’s especially are difficult with ASUS.

  20. dangermike says:

    Sympathies to the OP. I agree Asus generally makes decent hardware but will shout from the rooftops about how miserably poor their customer service is. They lost me, another long time customer (fan, even) after they reneged on an accidental damage warranty on a laptop a few years ago. It was a UL30 with a Core2 duo ULV processor. It was an excellent machine but I paid about $50 more compared to comparably-equipped competitors primarily because I trusted Asus and the accidental damage warranty sounded like a good idea. After weeks of back-and-forth and a complaint to the BBB, they agreed to fix it but that was the last I was ever able to get a response from them. So I was left the proud owner of an $800 ultraportable that can’t be used without an external monitor.

    Screw them. Never again. Please take heed to threads like this. Asus does not honor warranties.

  21. Pigfish99 the randomly insane says:

    Yeah, This is not normal of ASUS.

  22. Jesse in Japan says:

    Have you tried reformatting the system back to its original state (after saving your data, of course)? It’s possible that some setting somewhere got changed without being noticed.

  23. syxx says:

    start buying stuff at real stores so if it doesn’t work you can get a store warranty rather than having to deal with people over the phone who are counting on you to troubleshoot issues

  24. baristabrawl says:

    Isn’t this the reason that Apple is winning the tablet fight?

  25. iesika says:

    I have an Asus laptop. One month after my warranty expired, it “stopped charging.” A bit of online research taught me this was a known problem for that particular laptop, having to do with the motherboard. Neither Asus nor Best Buy (where the computer was purchased) would refund, replace or repair.

    So, I sympathize. I deeply sympathize.