Asus: No, Your Tablet Is Totally Supposed To Draw Jagged Lines

Sita’s Asus tablet cost about $1,400, and the purpose of it was so she could work on her art wherever she happens to be. She has this crazy idea in her head that to serve that purpose, the tablet should let her draw smooth lines. Or at least lines that don’t look like a seismograph during an extremely minor earthquake. Asus doesn’t agree, and they insist that there’s nothing wrong with the tablet.

In May of last year, my boyfriend bought me the EP121 Asus tablet. He bought the upgraded version, with more ram and a larger hard drive, preordering it from Newegg. It was a gift so that I could take my art with me. I would like to stress that it was intended for art.

Anyway, about four months in, mid stroke, the tablets lines became jagged. To better illustrate, I’ve attached a screenshot. The left is what they look like now, and the right is from my wacom tablet, and what they looked like before.


It has been eight months, with only two emails of troubleshooting followed by two RMA trips and Asus tech support has decided that nothing is wrong with it. They sent an email that after reviewing the tablet, they found no problems. A line drawn with a ruler is as jagged as a heartbeat monitor, but apparently nothing is wrong.

I have a custom built desktop with an Asus motherboard, Asus graphics card, Asus Monitor, an Asus Router, heck I even have an Asus DVD Drive, I am a HUGE fan of Asus, but after this, after 1400 dollars wasted on a tablet I cannot reliably draw with anymore? The one and only thing we bought it for?

I am never buying an Asus product again.

Asus has lost a long time customer.

We don’t have any current contacts for getting help from ASUS other than this info-packed post from 2008. But sending a letter about your shattered customer loyalty

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