Amazon Agrees To Collect Sales Tax In Nevada

The number of states where Amazon shoppers aren’t charged sales tax continues to shrink, as the massive online retailer has agreed to begin collecting the tax on sales to Nevada customers starting in 2014.

Reports claim that Nevada expects an influx of at least $16 million/year in tax revenue that had previously gone uncollected — even though consumers are supposed to pay that tax themselves (except in those states that do not levy a tax on retail sales).

The agreement with Nevada allows that tax collection may actually begin earlier than 2014 if the U.S. Congress ever gets around to passing legislation intended to close the loophole that has allowed retailers without bricks-and-mortar outlets to avoid collecting sales taxes.

“We strongly support federal legislation permitting interstate sales tax collection because it is the only way to level the playing field for all sellers, the only way for Nevada to obtain all the sales tax revenue that is already owed, and the only way to fully protect states’ rights,” said Amazon vice president of global public policy Paul Misener.

Amazon Agrees to Begin Collecting Sales Taxes in Nevada []

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