Ad With Toothy Baby Pushing Breastfeeding & 'Hooter Hiders' Is Terrifying

It seems we’re living in a world where breastfeeding ads are downright de rigeur. And while a recent Oreo ad wasn’t meant for the public to see, unfortunately a new one featuring a tot with a full set of teeth is aimed right at our collective eyeballs in an unrelenting mission to terrify viewers.

The goal, really, is to encourage mothers in Louisville to breastfeed as part of the mayor’s HealthyHometown initiative. Some moms might be squeamish over breastfeeding in public, but the ad (rightfully so) tries to dispel the notion that doing so is icky whatsoever.

Which is of course, super great and lovely and stuff, but whoever decided that a baby flashing a mouthful of chompers and touting the benefits of “Hooter Hiders” should’ve thought this whole thing through a little better.

Check out the ad, via BuzzFeed, and see if you’re not worried about a few toothy baby nightmares as a result.

Terrifying Breastfeeding Commercial [BuzzFeed]

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