New Ad Campaign Pushes The Happy, Multi-Culti American Brand

In case we haven’t beat it into the brains of the rest of the world by now, a new ad campaign on behalf of America wants to make sure everyone knows we’re No. 1, and as such, tourists should forget about our overreaching, colonialist tendencies and other reputation blights and come visit! We’ve got everything the rest of the world has anyway, because we took it and made it our own.

Jeff Bercovici over at takes a look at a new commercial featuring a song called “Land of Dreams” by Rosanne Cash, aimed at trumpeting our awesomeness around the earth. It’s a campaign on behalf of Brand USA, “a public-private partnership between the travel industry and the U.S. government dedicated to increasing international visitation to the U.S. through marketing and promotional efforts.”

In other words, it’s a campaign that says “We Have Long Bridges, So Please Ignore Our Habit of Starting Messy Wars And Come Visit (But Don’t Attempt To Move Here).”

The campaign will spend $12.3 million over the next three months to target the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada. The next push will hit Brazil and South Korea, as well as other countries we want to convince of our awesomeness.

As Bercovici points out, this is mostly odd because everyone knows about America the brand, thanks to Hollywood and the fact that we’ve got our fingers in almost every political pie around the world. At the same time, we’re also pushing the anti-immigration idea to the tune of hundreds of millions each year.

Perhaps Brand USA should consider the tagline, “Don’t Mind The Border Fences, We Want You To Visit If You’re Rich, White & Plan On Going Home.”

Watch The First Commercial For The United States Of America [Forbes]