U.S. Airways CEO Really Wants To Get His Merge On With American Airlines

To date, the folks at U.S. Airways have been quite coy about their intentions regarding a possible marriage to struggling-but-adorable American Airlines, saying things like “we’re not opposed,” and that they “wouldn’t rule it out,” but all that double talk may have ended with the latest hot-and-heavy chatter from U.S. Airways’ CEO.

After receiving the blessing of three of American’s labor unions regarding a possible merger, U.S. Airways’ Doug Parker put on his best Barry White voice and said that hooking up with American while it works its way out of bankruptcy, “represents a unique opportunity that we should not ignore.”

Is it getting hot in here?

“To get to an actual merger, many things must happen, including gaining the support of AMR’s creditors, its management team and its board of directors,” Parker told his employees in an e-mail. “But this is obviously an important first step along that path and we are hopeful we can all work together to make this happen.”

Lest anyone thing that American is looking to get married just to stave off insolvency, the company says that all the merger talk from the unions and U.S. Airways “do not in any way alter the company’s commitment to pursue our business plan or our focus on moving steadily through the restructuring process.”

Isn’t it cute how American pretends to be single and independent when we all know these two are just going to walk down the aisle in the final act?

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