American & United Do What We Didn't Want Them To, Join Delta In Fare Hike

Remember yesterday when we were like, yeah, it would stink if other airlines joined with Delta in attempting to hike fares by $10 to $20? Guess what, everyone? Some went ahead and did that. American Airlines and United Airlines threw their pricey hats in the ring.

This will be the sixth fare hike attempt just in 2012, and if your math is bad — yes, that is six attempts in about four months. Only three have been successful so far, notes the Chicago Tribune. Usually if the other airlines decide the initiating company is loony, they won’t raise prices and that airline will drop prices back to normal.

Delta’s attempt came on Tuesday, and pertains to last-minute trips booked within seven days of departure. Usually those flights are bought by business fliers, not casual travelers out to visit friends or see sights. Still, a fare hike is a fare hike.

United and American jacked prices up yesterday, joining the club and perhaps solidifying the hike from an attempt to a success. Domestic fares are up about 5% total this year and around 10% to 12% from a year ago.

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