USPS Turns Box Into Accordion, Hopes You Won't Notice

When Chris received this package in the mail, he assumed that his mail carrier had crammed it in his mailbox with overwhelming force. That wasn’t the case, though. The truth is more mysterious and much weirder.

… I asked my regular carrier since I assumed it was a substitute carrier that did it. She said it came from their distribution center like that but she was as puzzled as I was why they didn’t put it in a bag with a note (the procedure I’ve seen USPS follow the few previous times when I’ve had a package get mangled in the shipping process).

Still Amazon, a box for a pair of socks, yet another order with a breakable item gets a slightly padded envelope!


It looks like the box was stomped on, or a heavy object dropped on it. At least there wasn’t anything remotely breakable in the box.

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