Change Your Mind About NetZero Mobile Interwebs? Tough.

Yes, NetZero is back, offering cheap mobile broadband Internet access instead of ad-supported or cheap dial-up Internet. That’s pretty cool, and the idea appealed to Rusty. The problem is that once he did some research and realized the deal wasn’t all that appealing, he couldn’t back out. Buying a NetZero hotspot is a sacred covenant, and you can’t return it after placing your order unless it’s actually defective.

So I just ordered the new NetZero 4G mobile broadband wireless hotspot. After working in reverse and doing some research after the purchase, I felt that the NetZero device was not for me. I called to cancel my order, and they told me I could cancel the order, but the device was mine to keep. I said excuse me, I don’t want the device. It hasn’t even shipped yet, I don’t want it. They repeated to me the same sentence.

So I said if I received the device and it didn’t work, i could not return it, they repeated the same sentence. So after checking their website, they have section that says they will not take returns unless the device is defective. WHAT? The device has not even shipped yet, I have not received any tracking information at all. This is bogus! In this day and age and I cannot return something?

So, if anyone wants a hotspot and this thing ever shows up, contact Rusty. And this is why you should always do your research before you hit the “Place Order” button…never after.


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  1. shepd says:

    But it’s free, right?

    Just take it and donate it to a goodwill or something.

    • chefboyardee says:

      According to the last consumerist article:

      “Up from there is a $100 “mobile hot spot” that allows for up to eight Wi-Fi devices to connect to the Internet, and up to 200 MB of data per month.”

    • gparlett says:

      Yes, but OP clearly says they were able to cancel his order “they told me I could cancel the order, but the device was mine to keep” so it really sounds like they refunded his money, but they just couldn’t cancel the shipment. Just throw it out when it comes.

  2. FearTheCowboy says:

    So, it’s not really a good deal, and if we want this bad deal, call Rusty, since he’s got this bad deal, and can’t get out of it.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  3. The Fake Fake Steve Jobs says:

    In this day and age he can return something, just not the hot spot.

  4. Hi_Hello says:

    call your credit card company, see if they can help. You should do it before the item is shipped.

  5. IphtashuFitz says:

    If it hasn’t shipped yet then call AND write back informing them that you want your order canceled and that you will be contacting your credit card company to have them refuse/reject any existing or future charges from NetZero. Then contact your credit card company and do just that, informing them that NetZero is being unreasonable and refusing to cancel a pending order.

  6. The One ME says:

    Check postal law. If you cancel something before it ships and still receive it, it’s considered a gift and you also don’t have to pay for it.

  7. Leela says:

    I recently ordered an Invisible Shield from Zagg for my new iPad. But when I realized how long it was going to take before it even shipped, I went to a local mall and bought it there. I tried to cancel the order from Zagg, but was told there was no way to do that, even though it was more than a week before the thing even left the warehouse. Being unable to cancel an order is bad form. I still haven’t received the Invisible Shield and will have to deal with sending it back.

  8. George4478 says:

    Is there some money or some sort of contractual commitment involved with receiving the device? The order is canceled, so what will be charged to the credit card if the device is shipped anyway?

  9. nbs2 says:

    I know there is no contract, per se, but is the order considered the entry into the “contract” for service? If so, and if the order is stated as being final, per the T/C, I’m going to side with NetZero here.

    On the other hand, he may have luck getting his CC company to take it off his hands if it offers a refund policy for purchases where the vendor won’t accept the return.

  10. Such an Interesting Monster says:

    Refuse delivery and have it sent back.

    • Straspey says:


    • NightSteel says:

      +1. Refusing delivery is the right thing to do. If NetZero ships it out, get a tracking number, contact the shipper and ask them if you can refuse the package over the phone. Try to get it sent back to NetZero without even a delivery attempt, otherwise you’ll have to watch your front door like a hawk for delivery.

  11. FilthyHarry says:

    Defect it then return it.

  12. evilpete says:

    Tazers are good at making a item “defective” without any apparent damage.

  13. duncanblackthorne says:

    Refuse the shipment, plain and simple. If they re-ship it, keep refusing it.

  14. Cat says:

    I won’t repeat my story of trying to cancel NetZero, it’s in this thread:

    But heed my warning: don’t do business with them.

  15. AllanG54 says:

    Timeshare operates the same way.

  16. sirwired says:

    I’m surprised he’s so amazed. Once an order enters the “picking queue” at the warehouse it’s quite common to not be able to cancel it. Not even Amazon will guarantee cancellation once it’s gone to “Shipping Soon” status. (You can ask, but it may ship anyway.)

    And plenty of merchants don’t take returns for non-defective merchandise. While not exactly universal, it ain’t exactly unheard of.

  17. Azagthoth says:

    So wait for it to come and then a week later tell them it defected to Canada for the free health care. Money in your pocket.

  18. Rocket says:

    “So I said if I received the device and it didn’t work, i could not return it”
    “will not take returns unless the device is defective”

    I’m confused here. If he got the device and it didn’t work, doesn’t that make defective, and thus he can return it?