Change Your Mind About NetZero Mobile Interwebs? Tough.

Yes, NetZero is back, offering cheap mobile broadband Internet access instead of ad-supported or cheap dial-up Internet. That’s pretty cool, and the idea appealed to Rusty. The problem is that once he did some research and realized the deal wasn’t all that appealing, he couldn’t back out. Buying a NetZero hotspot is a sacred covenant, and you can’t return it after placing your order unless it’s actually defective.

So I just ordered the new NetZero 4G mobile broadband wireless hotspot. After working in reverse and doing some research after the purchase, I felt that the NetZero device was not for me. I called to cancel my order, and they told me I could cancel the order, but the device was mine to keep. I said excuse me, I don’t want the device. It hasn’t even shipped yet, I don’t want it. They repeated to me the same sentence.

So I said if I received the device and it didn’t work, i could not return it, they repeated the same sentence. So after checking their website, they have section that says they will not take returns unless the device is defective. WHAT? The device has not even shipped yet, I have not received any tracking information at all. This is bogus! In this day and age and I cannot return something?

So, if anyone wants a hotspot and this thing ever shows up, contact Rusty. And this is why you should always do your research before you hit the “Place Order” button…never after.

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