Productivity Killers To Identify And Remove

Workplace distractions can siphon away your attention, forcing you to lose office stature along with your focus. In order to operate at top speed and efficiency, you’ve got to sniff out obstructions that slow you down and make it difficult to work. points you in the direction of productivity sappers to hunt down and eliminate:

* Kids. If you’re a parent who works at home while kids are afoot, it’s all but impossible to work like a grown-up. Consider re-arranging your hours or finding childcare.

* Noise. TV, and in some cases, music, can become a crutch that provides a convenient excuse to shift your focus away from the task at hand. Try shutting off the noise to see how your work is affected.

* Food. When you’re fumbling with food, your hands and senses are concerned with something other than the bottom line. Keep food out of easy reach and use a snacking opportunity to motivate you to get things done.

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