Do Some Heavy Lifting, Save On Gym Memberships

Some workout enthusiasts rationalize paying a lot of money for gym memberships by telling themselves that the financial commitment makes them work out more often to get their money’s worth. That’s just crazy talk. If you work at it, you can trim your monthly membership fees along with your waistline.

Yoga.Eat.Run suggests these ways to save:

* Sample the wares before you commit. It doesn’t make sense to commit to a long-term contract if you’re not convinced the gym is right for you. Ask to pay per visit until you’re locked into a routine and ready to sign.

* Prepay. Many gyms treat contracts like loans, determining your monthly fee by taking a principal and adding interest. If you pay off the balance upfront, you’ll cut your costs significantly.

* Wait until summer. Gyms typically offer better deals during slower, sunnier months, in which it’s tougher to draw people inside. Sign up in the middle of the year, rather than the end or the beginning, when everyone’s stumbling over themselves to get back into a workout routine.

How to Save Money on Gym Memberships [Yoga.Eat.Run]

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