When You Need To Send Arizona Lawmakers A Message, Say It With Knit Uteruses

Nothing says “I hate your proposal” better than packages full of knitted uteruses (uteri?) with googly eyes delivered to the offices of more than a dozen Arizona state lawmakers. That was the medium of choice used to send a message from opponents of a proposal to severely limit birth control coverage.

The Associated Press (via Newser) reports on the cute little crafted organs, which were dropped off yesterday. Proponents of the birth control bill think it’s totally cool for employers to ask why someone is on the pill or other contraception, and then decide if they should give that employee coverage or not, based on the answer and their own beliefs.

Those who don’t want anyone else up in their business say the measure violates women’s rights to privacy. Having to hand over proof that you’re on the pill for health reasons and not just because you’re doing what you want with your own body is downright silly and altogether bad, say critics. Silly like a knitted uterus with googly eyes.

The legislation is currently being amended and is expected to be voted on next week.

*Thanks for the tip, Heidi!

Birth Control Advocates’ Weapon: Knitted Uterus [Newser]]

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