California Woman Takes Distracted Driving To Entirely New Level

It’s already against the law in California to hold your cellphone up to your ear while you drive. Then throw two young children in the back seat, one with no seatbelt on and the other improperly secured in a child’s seat. And just for good measure, take an infant and place it on the lap of the driver — who, by the way, has a suspended license — and you have the 2012 poster for every anti-distracted driving campaign.

And this is what police in Torrance, CA, accuse one 29-year-old woman of doing while cruising down the 405 freeway.

At least one other driver on the road spotted the woman chatting and texting on her phone with the baby on her lap and contacted the police. When she was pulled over, she was still holding onto the baby, presumably because it would be cruel to put him in the glove compartment.

“Her excuse was that, while she was driving on the 91 Freeway near Compton, the 1-year-old started crying and in an effort to comfort the 1-year-old, she pulled the 1-year-old to the front seat,” a police department rep tells CBS Los Angeles.

The mom of the year candidate was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment, and the three children were taken into protective custody.

Woman Accused Of Texting While Driving With Baby On Her Lap [CBS Los Angeles]

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