Living Like The Jetsons: Push A Button On Your Fridge, Instantly Order A Pizza

Ever since we saw the Jetsons not only forgo the boring task of showering and dressing themselves but also press a button and have food materialize in front of them, we’ve known that future had to happen someday. And now it seems we’re one step closer, as a pizza chain in Dubai has introduced a one-button ordering method, via fridge magnet.

There might not be any matter materializing going on, but as CNET points out, it’s pretty dang cool to order a pizza without talking to anyone or even placing an order online. At Red Tomato Pizza, loyal customers can now take advantage of their “very important pizza lovers fridge magnet.”

The magnet works with the magic of a Bluetooth chip that connects to your cell phone, and transmits a preprogrammed order back to the restaurant. You then receive a confirmation via text message. Sure, you’re limited to one kind of pizza order per button — so just get a few, no big deal. You can customize the default pizza order if you feel like going all pepperoni one week and sausage and onion the next.

Of course, keeping it out of reach of little ones or teenagers likely to bankrupt you via pizza is a good idea.

Now let’s get this baby to America and continue on our march toward a fully-realized Jetsons lifestyle. I’m sick of washing and drying my own hair.

Pizza joint creates one-push wireless order button [CNET]

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