Apple CEO Tim Cook Takes A Tour Of Foxconn During Trip To China

In his first visit to China as head honcho of the company, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook made time to take a tour of one of the company’s key suppliers, Foxconn. The plant has been in the news again recently after This American Life retracted Mike Daisey’s story about visiting it for not being so factual.

Cook visited Foxconn back in 2010, after multiple suicides raised concerns about working conditions in there. The manufacturing facility in Zhengzhou makes iPhones and iPads, and employs 120,000 people.

If there were any underage workers there, as Daisey claimed, we’re sure they were kept out of sight on Cook’s visit. Daisey later claimed he lied about his trip to make people care about the problems there again.

While in China, says the L.A. Times, Cook also met with several of the country’s top leaders, in an apparent attempt to make nice with the country, and in turn, sell more Apple products there. They’re currently in a legal battle with Chinese company Proview, which says they own the trademarks for the iPad name in China.

“We firmly believe that no matter what effect Cook’s visit has on government relations, Apple’s intellectual property infringement has already reached a final verdict, and that the company must receive the ultimate punishment according to Chinese law,” wrote a Proview company executive in a blog post.

Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Foxconn plant while on China trip [L.A. Times]

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