AMC Says It Will Let Kids See Unrated "Bully" Movie With Parental Permission

In a nod to internet rage over the Motion Picture Association of America having slapped an R rating on the documentary Bully — a move the Weinstein Company has responded to by opting to release the movie as unrated — AMC Theatres is letting it be known that it will buck the rules and allow kids to see the film.

Minors will have to provide a note or put the ticket seller on the phone with a parent in order to prove they have permission. Normally, theaters require kids to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to get into an R-rated movie.

Variety (registration required) reports rival chain Cinemark is refusing to show the movie unless the studio releases an R-rated version.

Meanwhile, the Parents Television Council is asking all theater owners to not show the film unless it is released with the R rating.

Due out Friday, the movie examines the issue of bullying by following students at schools in various states. Despite few viewers having seen the movie, there are enough people who are convinced that the R rating is unfair that a movement is afoot to get the MPAA to reconsider its decision. Reportedly, the organization slapped the movie with the rating because it has six swear words.

AMC, Cinemark take sides in ‘Bully’ flap [Variety (registration required) via Hollywood Elsewhere]

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