Town Tells Man 400 Critters Is Too Many Reptiles For One House

Curling up with your favorite pet boa constrictor is one (albeit, potentially illegal) thing, but hanging out with over 400 snakes and other reptiles just isn’t acceptable in one Minnesota town. Not to mention all the insects and rodents required to feed such a menagerie. Talk about creepy crawly. Shudder.

The city of Coon Rapids is telling its citizen to downsize, as he has over 400 snakes, geckos and lizards in his home, reports WCCO 4 News.

“You mention snake and 95 percent of people go ewww, snakes. I can understand that,” said the man, who breeds snakes. He began with a hobby 15 years ago, and turned that pet predilection into a business.

The city attorney says the critters raise the issue of livability in the home.

“It could pose a risk for public safety if there is an emergency,” he said. They want him to have fewer animals, and he shouldn’t own certain species of boa and python whatsoever.

“I have snakes that are favorites, that I handle two three times a week,” said the snakes’ owner. “It would be devastating [to lose them].” In addition, it’s his day job that he says is a drain on his life, and not his pets.

“That job brings home the paycheck and it basically sucks the life out of me. So coming home and playing with the reptiles gives me meaning to life.”

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