Americans Will Shell Out $145 Each To Turn Into The Easter Bunny

So maybe not everyone is going to strap on a fluffy white tail and don bunny ears, but the average American celebrating Easter this year will be spending around $145 on assorted springtime merchandise. That’s up from about $131 at the same time last year.

Of course we won’t be spending all that cash on jelly beans and chocolate rabbits, notes the L.A. Times. According to a survey from the National Retail Federation, conducted by BIGinsight, consumers nationwide will spend $16.8 billion shopping for Easter outfits, shopping spring sales, preparing eggs to be boiled and dyed and yes, buying Peeps in bulk.

The warm weather and surging consumer confidence is a contributing factor in the bump, but retailers are also luring shoppers in with sales. More than half of American said they’d go for those sales, to spend a total of $3 billion.

Here’s how it all breaks down: The average person will spend $26.11 for clothing, $20.35 on candy, $44.34 on an Easter meal, $20.57 on gifts, $10.50 on flowers and about $7 on greeting cards. You’ll spend more if you need to get your bunny suit dry-cleaned, obviously.

Speaking of Easter, remember when we found out how Peeps are made? That was fun.

For Easter, American will spend $16.8 billion — $145.28 each [L.A. Times]


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  1. Hi_Hello says:

    i dont’ understand why Easter isn’t as big or bigger than Christmas. For those who celebrate Christmas as Christ’s b-day, wouldn’t his resurrection be even cooler?

    As for those who who were fasting, I would have break out into a big party with crazy food at the end.

    Those are celebrate base on the season, it’s when everything comes back to life… how can you not throw a big celebration.

    I for one don’t do a be bash for winter…tooo cold.. too lazy. but spring, muahahha. I’m not planning on partying with the Easter bunny. Although ..eating a bunny might be on the menu.

    • arcticJKL says:

      I find it way cooler.
      Christmas for some reason has Epiphany glued to it, when we celebrate the wise men bringing gifts – thus all the gift giving. There is no gift giving associated with the resurrection per say.

      Still we celebrate just as much here. Perhaps I should get a giant inflatable tomb for the lawn?

  2. kornkid42 says:

    Rich people must spend a ton on Easter to bring that average up. My parents spent maybe $30 a year when i was growing up.

    • frenchman says:

      That’s what I’m thinking – I’ve never known anyone to spend enough to justify that average.

      • Jevia says:

        I don’t recall anyone calculating Christmas costs to include things like the Christmas meal, or separating greeting cards, clothing, flowers, etc. They just say people spend X on gifts. You add in all these peripheral things and the cost of Christmas gets a lot higher (especially if you do 2 meals, Christmas eve and day).

        Plus, they didn’t include, that I can see anyway, the cost of decorating eggs.

  3. Coffee says:

    Jesus…$145? That’s craziness…I don’t know if I’ve ever spent more than $20 on Easter*.

    *Of course, I’m not Christian, nor do I have children, so there’s that.

    • Mrs. w/1 child says:

      We are parents and Catholic and we are not spending anywhere near $145 on Easter swag. I think these marketers are wishful thinking, then publicizing their wishful thinking in order to get people to fell “normal” for spending over a hundred bucks on stuff. Estimates for my family look like this:

      Average person will spend $26.11 for clothing – my husband will wear a suit he already owns, I will wear a dress I already own, our daughter will wear a fluffy yellow with pastel flowers dress handed down from a cousin, we all already own shoes. My daughter already owns a hat and gloves. For arguments sake, we could dry clean the suit so at the one price cleaners that would be $4 total.

      Average person will spend $20.35 on candy – the Easter bunny that comes to our house has set the expectation bar fairly low on the sugar shock meter. One little chocolate bunny and a cadbury egg on top of jelly beans. Done and done.

      Average person will spend $44.34 on an Easter meal – Family potluck style here. Maybe $15 max for ingredients for our dish.

      Average person will spend $20.57 on gifts – WTH? Gifts on Easter, who does that?

      Average person will spend – $10.50 on flowers and about $7 on greeting cards. We will spend $0 on flowers and $0 on greeting cards.

      Nice try marketers!

      • bhr says:

        you know, the number isn’t that insane. Just dry cleaning a couple of suits/dresses gets you close to the clothing budget, and any new item (shirt, shoes, kiddies) will run enough for that. Thing is, a lot of these cost are one-time while the item is multi use.

        Candy… Hell, I know I spend more than that. couple bags of jelly beans for my desk, a few things in a gift basket for a godchild…

        meals… I’m jewish, with christian family members. when it’s not passover at the same time we join the catholic cousins for their annual brunch at a favorite restaurant. $13-15 each, not counting drink, but again, these aren’t so much “Easter” costs so much as an excuse for a family gathering.

        Gifts. . Goddaughter gets a basket, which usually includes a stuffed animal, some coloring books and candy. If I see a friend’s small child around easter they usually get one of those stuffed bunnies/ducks. Again, these costs aren’t really unique to Easter, as I would be expected to purchase small gifts for these kids occasionally anyway.

        Flowers/Cards. I send cards to a couple friends (who are big card people themselves).

    • Jules Noctambule says:

      I’m not religious either nor do I have kids, but damn do I love the post-Easter candy clearance! Throw a few bags of peanut butter cups into the freezer and the spouse and I are set for months.

  4. speaky2k says:

    I just bought the only candy that matters at Easter… Cadbury Creme Eggs. I got 1 full sized pack & 1 mini as well as 1 mini in caramel. The peeps I can get any time since I live in the town next to where they are made.

  5. delicatedisarray says:

    What are people buying? My in-laws may spend that much, but they have seven kids, three of which have spouses, one who is engaged, and two grand babies. They buy for everyone and I feel like they don’t even hit the $140 mark.

  6. LanMan04 says:

    Seriously? I’ve shelling out like $15 for candy for 2 kids. How the hell do you $100+?

    • HomerSimpson says:

      Must be the Bill Gates’ of the world spending thousands and skewing the average.

    • giax says:

      I have no clue either.
      I bought already a 99 cent bag of jelly beans, and plan to shell out $ 5-10 in easter candy on the day after easter when it goes on sale.
      And in May, when I visit Europe, I plan to eat a lot of Kinder eggs. That’s not counted for the US figures though. Yea, if they sold Kinder eggs here (the ones with the toys inside), I
      ‘d spend $ 20 more in easter stuff, just because I don’t plan to grow up.

  7. TinaBringMeTheAx says:

    I will spend maybe ten dollars on 50% to 75% off Easter candies a few days after Easter.

  8. foodfeed says:

    Religion is expensive.

  9. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    $16.8 billion/ 300 million US population= $56 per person

    The report is based on a survey size of 9,242 asking them: “How much do you plan to spend on the following items for the upcoming Easter holiday?”

  10. framitz says:

    I think, hope, that I’ve finally convinced my wife that Easter isn’t like Xmas and there is no need to buy crap for everyone.
    My max cost is a dozen eggs and some food coloring, plenty of left over crap from previous years to last a lifetime.

  11. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    The White House family brings up the average quite a bit.

  12. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I may buy some sale candy after the fact, but I’m not going anywhere for Easter. I have to go to my niece’s confirmation in early May so I better save my bucks for that. A gift, driving over there, etc. is going to set me back.

    Oh yes, I did already get some Peeps. Nom nom nom.

  13. buddyedgewood says:

    Ah… there’s nothing like the commercialization of a mythical zombie.

    As for me, you can guess how much I spend on Easter, or Xmas for that matter.

    No doubt jesus would be pleased (if he existed).

  14. Kestris says:

    Uh, no I won’t.

    Quite simply because I have no kids, so no reason to shell out anything unless it’s for me.

  15. nybiker says:

    If I happen to buy any candy, is that counted in the total? Or do I have to buy only Easter-themed things, like jelly beans and chocolate bunnies? How long is the Easter buying season? And are things like cards tagged to reflect an Easter theme so that if I was to buy a Happy Birthday card for my brother’s birthday (hey, it’s today, but he’s not getting one anyway), would it count towards the card total?

  16. momtimestwo says:

    We are atheists so we don’t celebrate Easter, but the kids love finding eggs around the house. My inlaws, who do celebrate Easter go all out and buy gifts and baskets, it’s like a 2nd Christmas to them. And they hide eggs stuffed with money. We just spend money on over priced candy like Halloween and I reuse the plastic eggs from years past.

  17. Kuri says:

    I just get one of the few candies that matters to me, Reese’ peanut butter eggs.

  18. u1itn0w2day says:

    More bait for the sheeple to follow and be herded into their pocket books.

  19. arcticJKL says:

    First, the Easter platypus is at least $20
    We hide eggs – from chickens not from china, the kids eat the eggs.
    No gifts no flowers, lots of food and celebrating.

    When I see the prefab Easter baskets at the store, Lakers Easter basket, dog lovers easter basket etc and all the halloween and Christmas candies repackaged I start to think the marketing people really need to start national consumer day – where we all just go an buy excessive amounts of stuff to celebrate marketing.

  20. Outrun1986 says:

    I hate the pre-fab baskets, I am polish so I never got one as a kid, thankfully. I always feel sorry for the kids that have the pre-fab baskets cause there is never much in them! Being polish means that you take your baskets to church the Saturday before easter to get them blessed. You also don’t have to be a kid for this tradition. You are supposed to put food in the basket, technically what you are going to have for your easter meal, and if you get very technical about it there is a specific list of items to put in the traditional polish easter basket before blessing. Candy is welcome too of course. I have been going every year since I was a kid, so I have a nice easter tradition. We also get real candy, not the supermarket stuff, though I do love cadbury creme eggs, robin eggs and peeps of course, so I get some of that. So beyond egg coloring kits, food and candy there isn’t that much spending going on here other than stuff that we will consume.

  21. jerry101 says:

    I plan to spend my$145 of Easter funds on just one thing. Cadbury creme eggs.

  22. energynotsaved says:

    Humm. I bought 4 cards ($4+ $2 for stamps) for the niece and nephews. I put in $20 in each card. I don’t need new clothes. I will put extra, $50, into the collection plate. My daughter and I will eat dinner ($30) and go to a movie ($20). So, that brings us up to $186. So, that is where the money goes.

  23. Mi Poo says:

    As a kid growing up in the south, most children got a new Easter outfit – new dress and shoes for little girls, new suit and shoes for little boys. We got a straw basket with some colorful Easter grass in the bottom, a hollow chocolate rabbit and maybe some jelly beans. I don’t know if people still run out and buy new clothes for Easter. It seems that a lot of marketing people are trying to turn Easter in “Christmas Part II” – lots of gifts, an “Easter tree”, etc.

  24. BackInBlack says:

    Some poor sucker gonna hafta spend $290 to make up for me. Only egg for my Ishtar celebration will be the GOOSE EGG I plan to spend for the occasion. OK, OK. You other posters make one great point. I might have to get a Cadbury egg or two… maybe AFTER the fact. If I remember.

  25. Dallas_shopper says:

    No kids, and not Christian. My parents are Christian but Easter isn’t a big deal in my family and never has been. I’m not sure we have any plans at all this year; if we do, they haven’t been discussed with me. The fact that we have two family birthdays every year usually in very close proximity to Easter pushes it down the priority list. That, and the fact that my mother had a stroke two Easters ago so we now associate Easter with that.

    $145? People are nuts. NUTS!

  26. TheWillow says:

    Yay Jews. I will buy approx. $5 worth of Cadbury eggs and that is only because they are AWESOME

  27. yurei avalon says:

    But, my ferret kids can’t eat candy :( I *could* fill some of those plastic eggs with kibble though and hide them after poking a few holes in them. Total cost: $5 lulz.