Americans Will Shell Out $145 Each To Turn Into The Easter Bunny

So maybe not everyone is going to strap on a fluffy white tail and don bunny ears, but the average American celebrating Easter this year will be spending around $145 on assorted springtime merchandise. That’s up from about $131 at the same time last year.

Of course we won’t be spending all that cash on jelly beans and chocolate rabbits, notes the L.A. Times. According to a survey from the National Retail Federation, conducted by BIGinsight, consumers nationwide will spend $16.8 billion shopping for Easter outfits, shopping spring sales, preparing eggs to be boiled and dyed and yes, buying Peeps in bulk.

The warm weather and surging consumer confidence is a contributing factor in the bump, but retailers are also luring shoppers in with sales. More than half of American said they’d go for those sales, to spend a total of $3 billion.

Here’s how it all breaks down: The average person will spend $26.11 for clothing, $20.35 on candy, $44.34 on an Easter meal, $20.57 on gifts, $10.50 on flowers and about $7 on greeting cards. You’ll spend more if you need to get your bunny suit dry-cleaned, obviously.

Speaking of Easter, remember when we found out how Peeps are made? That was fun.

For Easter, American will spend $16.8 billion — $145.28 each [L.A. Times]

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