Two Men Arrested For Having Sex With Each Other On Gay Cruise Ship

Believe it or not, a gay cruise ship might not be the ideal place to have gay sex, as two men found out when the ship was docked at an island in the Caribbean. How could that be? Well, if the country the ship is visiting just so happens to still have “buggery” on the books as illegal, your sex life could get you arrested.

Two men from California were arrested for having sex with each other while aboard a gay cruise ship, the Celebrity Summit, reports CBS 2 in L.A. The ship was docked in the little country of Dominica, where sodomy, or as they call it, buggery, is illegal. The men were only charged with indecent exposure, however.

The men were having sex in their cabin aboard the ship, and just it just happened, their drapes were open, and someone on the dock saw them and complained. If found guilty, they will face a $370 fine and a possible six months in jail.

One might think that a gay cruise ship would have the foresight to either not dock in countries that outlaw gay sex, or at least the company who organized the trip, Atlantis Events, should warn their passengers that they could be in danger of being arrested for just going about their own darn business.

A travel agent who booked several passengers on the ship warns there are four key areas in the Caribbean to avoid due to anti-gay laws: “Never Jamaica, never the Cayman Islands, never the Bahamas, and never Dominica.”

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