QVC Bundles Some Accessories With iPad 2, Doubles The Price

If you want an iPad and the latest cutting-edge technology isn’t important to you, you could save some money by purchasing the now obsolete but still pretty awesome iPad 2. The 16 GB, wi-fi model is $399 at Best Buy, and you can get the same model direct from Apple, refurbished, for $349. Or you can tune in to QVC, the channel where your grandmother gets all of her jewelry, and buy that very same iPad bundled with some accessories for only $799.

It’s marked down from $880, though, so what a bargain!


Apple® РiPad® 2 with Wi-Fi Р16GB РWhite [Best Buy]
Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi w/Bluetooth Keyboard, Case and More [QVC]


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  1. A Feral Ginger says:

    People still buy things from QVC?

  2. kcvaliant says:

    It is qvc, how is this news?

  3. Cat says:

    Somewhere there are a bunch of Grannys that think they got a great deal.

  4. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    QVC’s entertainment value, to me, is when I catch them selling electronics, and I yell at the screen saying “That’s SO OVER PRICED!”

  5. Daggertrout says:

    Did anyone else see last night’s South Park?


  6. thomwithanh says:

    I thought that said CVS for a minute….

    • dragonfire81 says:

      I did too for some odd reason. I was like “a pharmacy selling ipads?”

      • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

        I’ve seen tablets, e-readers, and LCD tvs sold at CVS and Wallgreens.

        Typically brands like Coby and Emerson.

  7. Hi_Hello says:

    I don’t see the big deal??

    they offer 5 easy payments!!

    Plus without a price break down…the stuff that comes with it could be MSRP to total 880 (with ipad)

  8. deathbecomesme says:

    I fail to see how any those accessories would be total $400????

  9. Malik says:

    It would have been nice if Laura would have listed what accessories were included with the iPad instead of just writing an article about a “markup”.

    I mean, a Bluetooth keyboard, headphones, a carrying case, stand and car charger, may easily come up to a few hundred on there own. Depending on the brand names that they use, I could see it coming to $400

    • Laura Northrup says:

      That’s the problem, though. They list the accessories, but not the brand names. They could be clearance crap or quality accessories. Maybe you had to watch the QVC segment to tell.

  10. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    Anyone who buys anything from QVC deserves the gouging they get. The channel, and any others like it, is a testament to our own laziness and gullibility.

  11. Traveller says:

    Laptops in some cases however seem to be an exception. A former friend purchased a Dell Inspiron 17 through them for $999 three years ago. It included a laplink cable and about $150 worth (MSRP) of extra software. The laptop alone is still available at QVC for $729.

    She overpaid. Dell sells the 17R new in its outlet store for $539. Of course now she can recoup that cost by buying through Amazon, except she’s as dumb as a hoehandle and doesn’t even know how to log in to Facebook.

  12. misterfweem says:

    Obsolete? Really? I guess that’s how Oliver Wendell Holmes felt when the Banana Jr. came out with tint control.

  13. watcher says:

    Don’t overlook the inflated shipping charges. I have purchased from QVC, and their prices “sometimes” are good on their private label products, but once you factor in the shipping charges, the deal isn’t so great. I’m betting that their installment payments are what most people find attractive.

    I have noticed that HSN is beginning to include shipping in a lot of items, and prices seem similar or better. Neither can generally beat Amazon pricing, however.

  14. Major Tom Coming Home says:

    I guess if nothing else, someone is getting paid by QVC to answer the phones and another person is getting paid to ship the Ipads out. It amazes me they are still in business, how many people do their shopping on television since the invention and proliferation of that new thing called the “internet”. Most of them must either be seniors or the type that are Wal-Mart’s main target demographic.

  15. Martha Gail says:

    Yeah, I wish there was a breakdown of pricing per item, including brand. Some of the keyboards can get pricey. I doubt it would total $400, though. Especially if none of it is name brand.

  16. SmokeyBacon says:

    Ok, I will admit it – I like to watch the home shopping channels and have ordered things from both QVC and HSN (1 thing from each station – I am not a crazy tv shopper). Sometimes they do have a good deal where it is free shipping (as was the case on HSN – product was less than retail and had free shipping, and actually was great timing because I had been planning to go out and purchase the same item that weekend anyway – so worth it) or it is something that I have been looking for and couldn’t find anywhere else (as is the case for me with QVC – I was looking for a specific type of container with specific dimensions and they are the only place I could find it – I even tried the manufacturer’s website and didn’t find it currently available). I had a price I was willing to pay, and it was just a couple dollars more than that with the shipping, so I bought it (and it came with a bonus container – which ended up being a great deal for me since I can use both). Everything arrived very promptly (about a week sooner than the expected delivery date) and in excellent condition (QVC especially did a great job of packaging stuff so it wouldn’t break – and the cats got some great heavy duty boxes to play with) But most of the time you have to really watch and pay attention with any of the TV shop at home stuff – especially on electronics and cameras. My boyfriend is an IT guy and a camera nerd, and he is always saying that their deals for that stuff are awful. It really is important to do some research first, but the problem is that they make it seem like if you don’t get it right away then you won’t ever get such a good deal again, and I think a lot of people get so caught up that they don’t realize that it really isn’t a very good deal at all, and they believe all the hype.

  17. emptyV says:

    when did QVC get bought out by Aarons?

  18. Difdi says:

    This is normal. I occasionally see little bits of QVC while channel surfing past it, and several people I know watch it for entertainment (go figure). Every single time I have seen any item on QVC that I know what it usually sells for, it has been at least double the normal price.

    A product you can get elsewhere for $200 sells on QVC for $400 for example. And it’s pretty much universal. This really isn’t news except to people who have never price-comparison shopped QVC vs other places.

  19. tommyalf76 says:

    People still use QVC?

    • Posthaus says:

      Their outlet stores are pretty nifty. I was able to buy a brand new Dyson for nearly $100 less than Amazon was asking for it.

      As for this, it’s more of an example how terrible their website is in terms of updating: the bundle price was from the time well before Apple’s lowering of the iPad 2’s price coinciding with the announcement of the new iPad. And in deference to QVC, they do throw in a ton of stuff on the bundle (and god knows iPad accessories are a racket in of themselves.

  20. Levk says:

    When has QVC ever been cheap? ALL products I seen for sale on QVC I seen them way way cheaper elsewhere, They had a Wii bundle once for 600$ and the same bundle plus extras was 400 elsewhere.. really QVC is just a show room nothing more imo