Facebook Ups Photo Resolution So Everyone Will See Your Giant Pores

No one’s perfect, not even after a few layers of makeup to cover that exponentially expanding zit, and now everyone will get to see those imperfections up close on Facebook. The social networking site announced they’re automatically showing photos in “the highest resolution possible.”

MSNBC.com says today’s announcements by Facebook of “enhancements” to its photo viewer will mean the world gets to be up close and personal with your pictures. Yay?

On a large display, photos will show up as much as “4 times bigger than before.” If you want to creep on your crush to the max, you’ll be able to expand photos to take up the entire computer screen in Firefox or Chrome. So brush up on your PhotoShop skills if you’re self-conscious.

Check out Facebook’s Engineering page for all the nitty gritty details on its new photo enhancements, or peruse tools in its Photo Viewer page in the Help Center. Or maybe just refuse to ever put up another picture of yourself in a swimsuit ever again.

Facebook photos go high-resolution [MSNBC]

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