The New iPad Is Literally A Lot Hotter Than Its Predecessor

Over at Consumer Reports, they’ve been busy testing the new iPad, which they’ve discovered isn’t just a hot item in the figurative sense, but in the very physical way in that it can run sat significantly higher temperatures than its predecessor, the iPad2.

Consumer Reports‘ engineers used a thermal imaging camera to record temperatures while running a game on the new iPad and then compared them to the iPad2 using the same tests. There have been complaints that the new iPad gets pretty hot while doing tasks that involve a lot of work by the processor.

While playing Infinity Blade II, a plugged in new iPad reached a high of 116 degrees Fahrenheit, and 113 when unplugged. Compare that to the iPad2, also running the same game — plugged in it was at 104 degrees and 100 unplugged. The new iPad also didn’t charge while playing the game, even though it was plugged in.

One tester says holding the new iPad while at its hottest was warm, but not especially uncomfortable for just a brief period.

Better watch out, as some doctors say keeping any hot electronic device or car seat warmer on bare skin could lead to Toasted Skin syndrome. No one wants that.

Our test finds new iPad hits 116 degrees while running games [Consumer Reports]

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