E-Mail To Apple CEO Gets AT&T To Unlock Customer's iPhone

The late Apple chief Steve Jobs was notorious for replying to customers’ e-mails, though not always in the most professional manner. New CEO Tim Cook may not be e-mailing people back directly, but it looks like someone in his office is checking the inbox.

Over at 9to5Mac.com, they have the story of an AT&T customer with an iPhone 3GS who was being transferred to Canada. He wanted to keep his phone and, no longer being in-contract with the Death Star, hoped that AT&T would unlock his phone to use on a Canadian carrier.

Of course that didn’t happen. AT&T said only Apple could unlock the phone. Apple said “nope, go talk to AT&T.” After running back and forth between the two parties like a 12-year-old doing wind sprints before gym class, and finally being told by AT&T to just go ahead and jailbreak the phone, man finally fired off an e-mail to CEO Cook.

From the e-mailed epistle:

I didn’t want to jailbreak my phone, I like Apple’s curated experience and I don’t want to stray from that. However after several more calls to both AT&T and Apple, I made no progress. So I’m turning to you for a final plea.

I love Apple and will continue to buy your products regardless of what happens with this situation. However, I did pay $600 some odd dollars for this device (even though I bought it on contact and they say its subsidized, I’m basically paying for the device in my monthly payments) and I’d like to be able to use it.

He didn’t hear back directly from Cook, but he did get a response from AT&T Partnership Operations saying Cook had asked the wireless carrier to do him a solid (we’re assuming that’s how Cook phrased it) and unlock the phone for the Apple-loving fella.

And then the man’s wife e-mailed him to tell him that someone from Cook’s office called to see if AT&T had been in contact about unlocking the phone.

Tim Cook convinces AT&T to unlock customer’s iPhone 9to5Mac via CultOfMac]

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