Can You Get A Prenup If You're Not Actually Getting Married?

Breakups are the worst, right? So what, you weren’t married — long-term relationships in whatever form can go kaput, and you might find yourself with the uncomfortable task of deciding who gets what, disentangling bank accounts and credit cards, etc. Which is why some couples are getting prenups that aren’t actual prenuptial agreements.

As CNNMoney lays out, it’s not so much a prenup, as the marrying part never happens, but many couples are seeking similar legal protections in the form of cohabitation agreements. An attorney draws up the contracts, which protect each person’s assets and determine child custody terms, and can even designate if you have to pay support in the case of a breakup.

“We’ve seen a real dramatic increase,” said Ken Altshuler, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, or AAML told CNN. “A lot more people are delaying, or forgoing, marriage and people are realizing as you get older, you have more things to protect.”

Dang straight! I don’t want anyone getting ahold of my college T-shirt collection, even if it is just sitting in a plastic bin under my bed.

Half of the 1,600 divorce attorneys polled by the AAML last year say they saw an uptick in court battles between unmarried couples who had lived together. Consumers have a lot of debt these days, and no one wants to end up responsible for a former significant other’s student loans or credit card hassles.

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