Odds Are You'll Be Caught On Camera When Stealing Surveillance Equipment

Guess what? If you’re stealing camera equipment that is currently turned on and recording for the purpose of catching intruders and/or thieves, you’re most likely going to get your mug caught on video.

Thieves stole 12 surveillance cameras from a health clinic recently in Yuba County, and lo and behold, cops’ jobs were that much easier when the cameras stored footage of the theft on their hard drives says Sacramento’s CBS 13.

The two men stole 12 cameras outside, and somehow didn’t realize that they were going to be caught on video. What?!? People turn those things on?

“I don’t think it was well planned or orchestrated,” said the woman who runs the clinic.

“In this case what they were stealing certainly helped us solve the crime,” added one officer from the County Sheriff’s Department.

Officials have identified one of the men on tape and arrested him, but are still looking for the other. Nothing else was taken, and the men didn’t break into the clinic.

“I think people here are bored and it’s almost like ‘See what I can do’ and they sort of bet each other and it’s out of sheer boredom,” said the clinic’s manager, adding that new cameras will be up soon.

Yuba County Video Camera Thieves Captured In The Act [CBS13]

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