Attention, Men Of Cape Cod: Get A Free Pizza With Your Vasectomy

Urologists in Cap Cod think they’ve figured out the solution for a wonderful recovery after that vasectomy — a free pizza to chow down on while watching the NCAA basketball tournament. Because nothing lifts your spirits about ending your reproductive possibilities like hot cheese. Mmm.

Urology Associates of Cape Cod are offering the deal that could be called “a pie for the sterile guy,” as the Cape Cod Times jokes, in order to raise awareness about the procedure and also lure in business.

The practice administrator says there’s no better time to loll around on the couch eating pizza and healing your sensitive bits than during March Madness.

“It does actually come with one topping. Maybe you can put some meatballs on it,” he joked.

There’s even a snazzy commercial involved to tempt men to watch college basketball “guilt-free,” because of course, usually it’s such a guilt-inducing activity.

Check out a local news report on it below:

Ouch potato: Free pizza with that vasectomy [Cape Cod Times]

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